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  1. Hello, I'm new here and looking for help on my 2016 C-Max Energi Sync 3. I have set the screen dimming mode set to either "auto" or "night" yet each time after I shut off the car and then drive it again during darkness, the screen turns on to full brightness (day mode) even though the dimming mode in settings still shows it set to "night" or "auto". So every time I drive during darkness I must go into the settings and switch from "night" to "auto" or visa-versa and then the screen dims--until of course I turn off the car where it will turn back to full brightness. I have performed the master reset and have upgraded to the latest software yet it continues to do this every single time. The dealer cannot figure it out although they do seem to be fairly dense. I assume that it might be a hardware failure but the dealer won't fix it under warranty and tells me to call Ford.