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  1. Guards Red Car

    AVIATOR GT Delivery Date

    Where's the GT ..... ?? Dealers are in the dark..... I've had more encounters with the Sasquatch and The Loch Ness Monster
  2. Guards Red Car

    AVIATOR GT Delivery Date

    Had a build date of 6.27.19 completed 7.10.19. Still waiting transit is the only info I have.  Is this for the GT?
  3. Guards Red Car

    AVIATOR GT Delivery Date

    I am aware that a few Automotive Journals/Reporters have gotten their hands on early production Aviator GT's (LIKELY pre production units for study and NOT for sale to the public) HOWEVER, I am very frustrated about the INCREDIBLY SCANT information on ACTUAL START of Production date for Delivery to ACTUAL Customers (like me who ordered my Aviator GT back in June) My Dealer Cannot enlighten me on this - He seems to be more in the dark than I am I have read in more than one publication that GT availability will be in "Late 2019" Does anyone have any knowledge on ACTUAL delivery timeline of the GT ?? THANKS!!!!