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  1. kevinhull

    Sportsmobile and Adventure Vans

    Salivated over that as I was looking at my options. Using the price sheets on their website, I was heading above $150K and 14 months of waiting. Solid, low miles, older E-350 was the way to go for me -- and the nearly six-figure difference leaves plenty of backfill for additional customization or repairs (and no giant drop in value when I drive it off the lot).
  2. Hey -- I wanted to drop this new topic as a spot where E-Series adventure van folks might connect. I'm just getting mine now, but I am sure that I'm going to have questions both in this forum and in the Sportsmobile forum. Let the VanLife begin! What I have: 2006 E-350 Extended Body Sportsmobile EB-45 ish build QuadVan 4x4 conversion
  3. kevinhull

    E350 Sportsmobile + Focus ST

    I second the ST being a blast. Whole experience took my Ford respect to a different level. Price reasonable and serious bang for the buck. Great quality car. Then they come out and give me that free day at Ford Racing School in Utah. Can't help but gush about the whole thing. Somebody was a marketing genius with the Octane Academy in getting an army of people to forever talk about a positive experience.
  4. kevinhull

    E350 Sportsmobile + Focus ST

    And the blue car...
  5. kevinhull

    E350 Sportsmobile + Focus ST

    A picture!
  6. kevinhull

    E350 Sportsmobile + Focus ST

    Hello! Acquired a new Focus ST3 in 2014 that is mostly in the hands of my son at this point. Found this forum during my quest for cargo van for conversion. Got some help from a most excellent senior member and came inches away from a low mileage 2014 E250 before being jerked around by the used car dealer. Next morning, somebody several states away posted a 2006 E350 Sportsmobile fully-built with a price and options that I had been looking for for months. Acquired on the photographs and picked up a few weeks later. Looking forward to some Vanlife!