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  1. I have 2014 Taurus SHO. Everytime I go to use the capacative buttons for climate, they don't work. It started out of nowhere. The Front and Rear Defrost capacative buttons still work. If I go into the climate settings on the touch screen and turn on A/C, MAX A/C, Defrost, AUTO, etc, they light up down on the capacative button side but the touch part doesn't work except front and rear defrost. I can't turn up or down the heat or fan speed through the capacative buttons. Again, this started out of nowhere. Any ideas? Do I need a new FCIM or is just the buttons got pushed back from the cover plate? Maybe Fuse? Edit: All of a sudden they started working again. It took a bit for all to work. At first, it was only the outer edge buttons then eventually the ones in the middle started working.