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  1. R Jennings

    Obd2 port

    No difference at all. I probly have more peace of mind that a dealer or company is not tracking me.
  2. R Jennings

    Obd2 port

    Yea I pulled it as soon as I found it
  3. R Jennings

    Obd2 port

    Dealer but had my own financing. I actually found a post that some dealers leave a tracking device and the data is sold.
  4. R Jennings

    Obd2 port

    I found a wire harness plugged into the obd2 port on my mustang. When I pulled it there was a box made by cal amp attached. Any ideas what it is for?
  5. R Jennings

    Ford blue calipers

    I have a 2019 ecoboost and my car has blue calipers with mustang emblem on them. Are we able to order the callipers in colors from ford?
  6. R Jennings

    Instrument cluster in 101A & 200A 2020 mustangs...

    I have a 2019 ecoboost with the performance pack, it has 2 gauges 1 for oil temp and one for boost amount.
  7. R Jennings

    New to the forum

    Hi. New to the forum, first mustang...Im excited