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  1. Hello, While I am new to the forums, I am not new to general car modification, and car audio. Before I make my request, here is a little backstory of why I am looking for suggestions for a new Head Unit: TL;dr - Sync unit won't play sound; Ford dealership will update the firmware but informs me that it could "brick" the device. In fall of 2019, the Sync Bluetooth function fails to play sound through the speakers, although all current and new devices WILL pair with the system. Ford Corp tells me to update the module via the Ford Owners website, however upon registering, I found that there are no updates. Ford Corps tells me that there is a known issue with the website (allowing customers to download and update the firmware for free), as well as a known Bluetooth issue with my particular Sync Unit. They suggest taking it into the dealership to update - they also told me that because of these two KNOWN issues, they would NOT charge me for the update. After speaking with the dealership, they tell me that they have to charge me $129 for the update regardless of the fact that this is a known Ford Sync issue. I end up having them waive the fee for the update, however they inform me that updating the firmware on these older units could potentially cause the unit to "brick" and that they will NOT cover it if it does. Fortunately, I have been purchasing the extended warranties on this vehicle since it's purchase and will only have to come out of pocket $100 to cover the deductible should the unit "brick" due to the firmware update. Current Firmware Installed: AR3T-14D544-AE Newest Firmware Available: DL3T-14D544-AE Now that you know the backstory, I want to be ready should the update "brick" the unit. So, my request is for suggestions to replace the current Sync Unit. I have done some research on CARiD, Crutchfield, Amazon, and other websites but am having a hard time with filtering through all the noise. Instead, I would like to hear some real-life feedback of units that you all have installed and are using. I am looking for the follow features in a new Head Unit: - CarPlay - Compatibility with stock Steering Wheel Controls - Compatibility with stock Rear Camera Function I know that CarPlay is definietely doable, but am worried that replacing the stock Sync Unit will remove the steering wheel controls as well as a the rear camera function. While I know that some Head Units come with a "remote" license plate camera, I would like to maintain the stock functionality, if possible. Same goes for the steering wheel controls, although I know that I might be hard-pressed to find a unit that will do this. Any suggestions and/or feedback is greatly appreciated!