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  1. ChillC

    Batter issue?

  2. ChillC

    Batter issue?

    I didn't ask for your grammar advice thanks
  3. ChillC

    Batter issue?

    That's what the dealer said but it's not a warranty issue so they said I would have to pay for it which is not happening seeing it's a new truck with 14,000 miles and snow plow package it should be built for that purpose not only mechanically but electrically as well also talked to guy that owns company that installed plow said doesn't need two just a heavier one will be fine this happens on occasion with the new electrical systems being so finicky in new vehicles there very sensitive to the slightest voltage fluctuations
  4. ChillC

    Batter issue?

    Hi I'm looking to see if anyone else has same issue. I have 2019 f250 6.2 gas with fifth wheel prep and snow plow package bought October of 2018 with boss plow installed dealer had it installed which they have a boss dealer they use figure less finger pointing if they had it installed than me having it done.Any way plow worked fine last year btw only plow my own driveway which is quite large and my parents driveway so not used heavily as of last weekend 2-11-20 when I lifted plow gauge cluster went dark heat shut down radio went off as if truck was shut of for just a couple seconds happend a few times today 2-14-20 got hom installed plow same thing not constant but happening at all is to much anyone else have this problem