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  1. This might be a little hard to explain so please bare with me. I've looked this up and I've come up with about 50 things it could be. And I'm not entirely sure I've seen anyone describe the issues I'm having because there sounds like there's a few different things that sound similar. To start, I have 2006 Ford Expedition Eddie Bauer. Roughly 145xxx miles. Less than 150xxx. It had a tranny replacement from the person I bought it from, I believe a reman. Anyways, about 3 hours or so into a 4 hour trip I went through a drive thru, constant easing up and stopping. When I eased in the gas to pull up the car started to shake and acted like it wanted to die. It quit fairly quick and didn't do it again on that trip. I had looked it up at the time and thought maybe a converter shudder. The car hadn't done it again for a few months until when I drove it 600+ miles. It didn't do it at all on that constant trip. It only did it when I had to drive around in a parking lot for a spot. Again, stop and go but its a lot shorter go's. And even then it barely did it. It did do it a couple of times but it wouldn't last for very long. This was roughly 8 months ago. 55 printing color copies for low cost
  2. XanderMish

    2005 ba falcon auto thud!!

    Car runs perfectly otherwise, but when shifting from park to reverse it feels like the shifter gets a little bit stuck on something between them and it makes a thud sound, more so when the brakes are pushed down. Doesn’t seem to do it on the first shift after starting up. Also doesn’t consistently happen to the same degree. Is this something to be concerned about? Was like this since i bought it a few days ago how far is it from Atlanta to Nashville
  3. XanderMish

    '76 F100 Mystery Stripe

    I am restoring my late grandfathers f100 atm and in the near future we are going to repaint is cause it gas a whole new front end yada yada. Anyway i want to replace the stripe it has on the side [seen here] (https://imgur.com/gallery/a2eTqbT) but i cant find any infomation about this particular design, as far as i know it is original. Btw it is a "Custo 30 pounds to dollars m" trim from Australia. Hope somebody might be able to shed some light on the origins and how to order a new one that can be fitted after it is painted. Thanks
  4. So I got a 99 E450 7.3 box truck that I use to cart around a stump grinder. I started it up this morning and it started just fine. I noticed the “Water in Fuel” light popped up while the engine was cranking. Once I started to hit like 35-40mph the engine started like idling down and then idling up and eventually I couldn’t get it to go pst 25mph without putting the accelerator to the floor. It was like I was letting off the accelerator and then slamming on it but I wasn’t moving it at all. My buddy was with me and he suggested turning on “tow haul” and that actually helped keep the rpms stable. Luckily it was only a 10 minute drive to where I was going. After I finished up the job the truck started up just fine again and I didn’t really have any problems driving back home. Anyone else have issues like this? You think it’s just something as simple as the fuel having water in it? Hoping there’s no bigger underlying prosolitaire.onl/ 9apps.ooo/ blem causing it.