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  1. DonnyHacker

    1993 F150 Inline 6

    I just happened to find a '93 near me that works with my budget and appears relatively clean. I can generally do my own work, so that's not a big deal. I'm not sure which transmission it has, all I know at this point is that it has the inline six (it's an XLT extended cab if that makes a difference). I'll get more information about it in the next couple of days. Thanks!
  2. DonnyHacker

    1993 F150 Inline 6

    I'm looking at a really clean '93 F150 I6 extended cab with under 200K miles on it. Are there any particular issues to be on the lookout for with these trucks? Thank you
  3. DonnyHacker

    2003 Sport Trac

    In this case, they told me that the engine and transmission were both rebuilt about 80K miles ago. The entire vehicle itself has around 300,000 and I have not seen it in person yet. You can check the advert out here: https://dallas.craigslist.org/dal/cto/d/plano-2003-ford-explorer-sports-trac/7098378399.html
  4. DonnyHacker

    2003 Sport Trac

    Plano Texas
  5. There is a pretty clean used 2003 Sport Trac near me that I am considering buying. Are there any known issues or concerns with these vehicles? Sorry if this is an old and/or oft repeated question, I'm not too familiar with Fords. Thank you