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  1. Ok.... thank you for the reply. I'll get my hands on a gauge and I'll check the Chilton book for instructions/proper pressure reading. If the pressure looks good then I will replace the sensor.
  2. Hello MKT owners, I have high mileage 2013 MKT (311,000 miles), former Limo car. Driving in town (low speeds, stop lights etc) I have low oil pressure warning coming on. On the highway it's not giving me the warning. I have parked it until I have a plan. I know this is not good. I'm pretty good with wrenching (cylinder heads, timing belts). Is this something I should consider fixing or should I say goodbye the car? Anyone have experience with this problem? Should I drop the oil pan and have a look/replace oil pickup screen? Thanks for any info anyone can offer me . ChrisT