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  1. antemaj

    F250 long bed

    I already looked that up and it’s showing an 8’ bed. I’m not that worried about it I love the truck short bed and all just need to get a slider hitch for it. Just curious on what the deal is that’s all
  2. antemaj

    F250 long bed

    Well when you pull the build sheet for that vin it calls out an 8’ bed that’s what’s confusing
  3. antemaj

    F250 long bed

    I figured as much so now I’m just trying to understand why a truck that the registration shows having an 8’ bed has a short bed on it
  4. I bought a 2017 F250 XL super duty crew cab and the paper work and vin show it having a 8' long bed but it actually has a short bed. it had very few miles and no accidents, i like the truck but does anyone have an idea of why this would be. this might be a stupid question but can a short bed fit on a long bed frame? I dont believe so but i thought i would ask.