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  1. JEMetzger

    2020 F250 Order Production Date?

    My apologies for missing that. VIN: 1FT7W2BN0LED93085. I don't have the order or dealer numbers. Thanks much.
  2. JEMetzger

    2020 F250 Order Production Date?

    Hello: It looks like my production date was 8/7 or 8/8. Since then, I had an estimated delivery date of 8/14, which slipped to 8/16, and is now showing as "N/A" with the truck still in production status according to the Ford customer order tracking website. I was wondering if you had access to updated status or delivery information.
  3. Hello: I was wondering if I could get information on the scheduled production date for my ordered F250. VIN: 1FT7W2BN0LED93085. Thank you!
  4. JEMetzger

    1979 T-bird?

    Granted, this was 25-plus years ago, but I drove a 1979 Mercury Cougar my senior year in high school and first year of college. It was a unique vehicle at that time and I bet even more so today. If you could park that beast, you could park anything. I also learned real quick how to drive safely on poor roads in winter conditions.
  5. JEMetzger

    F-350 Tonneau-Covers

    Does anyone know what brand of soft folding tonneau cover comes from the factory? I didn't see any brand listed on the Ford build website. Probably to allow them flexibility to change suppliers if there were issues.
  6. JEMetzger

    F-350 Tonneau-Covers

    I sold my last truck in July 2018. Over the past two years a week hasn't gone by that I haven't wished I had a truck again. I've been reseeding my back yard this week and hauling bales of straw two at a time in the back of my Explorer. Looking at the mess I've created and how much vacuuming I need to do tomorrow, delivery of my order can't come soon enough.
  7. JEMetzger

    Death Wobble?

    So two responses by users who have never experienced the death wobble (Danglin and JT84). Obviously a serious and dangerous issue when it happens and I'm sure far more owners experience it than is officially reported. I'm curious how many other users haven't dealt with a death wobble? I'll be taking delivery of my 2020 Super Duty likely in August of September and don't plan on a lift kit, bigger tires, or any other modifications. I also keep to factory recommended maintenance schedules as much as I can so hopefully that will reduce the possibility of issues and increase worn part detection. Within the next handful of years I'll end up with three new drivers in my house and, while the threat of the death wobble won't prevent me from letting them drive my truck it will be something I'll go over as far as safety talks go. Similar to what to do for a blown tire, etc.
  8. JEMetzger

    Bed Divider Suggestions?

    I like the idea of a net, but I haven't seen any that secure at both the top and the bottom. Some have two upper bars and create a hammock; I could try to reposition to be high and low to create a secure barrier to prevent sliding of cargo. If it doesn't work great I'm not out a lot of money and would still have a usable storage option. I did find this product from Roll-N-Lock that seems like it would fit my needs exactly. It says it fits the 6.75 foot bed, but if it fits the short bed it would have to fit the long bed, too - right? Also, I haven't looked at any bed specifications (specifically bed width and height), but if something would fit in an F150 would it also fit in a Super Duty? https://www.rollnlock.com/roll-n-lock-cm151-cargo-manager-rolling-truck-bed-divider
  9. JEMetzger

    Vinyl Flooring Question

    Along with nobody being able to definitively tell me the difference between the carpet delete option and "luxury vinyl" on higher trims, I've also got conflicting information on the clips. I thought at one point I saw that all trim levels have clips or pegs on the drivers side but experiences were different for the passenger side. I'm not sure if it the difference was trucks with the carpet delete had pegs while those with vinyl standard didn't?
  10. I have a 2020 Lariat CCLB on order and went with the carpet delete option. Between road salt in the winter, messy kids, dog fur, and baseball/softball field clay I'm done with shabby looking carpet. My dealer didn't think there was a difference between the vinyl flooring in the lower trim levels and the "premium" that comes with the KR and higher trims. I'm not sure that is true, but nobody has refuted this claim yet. Most people I've asked have been happy with the quality and durability of the vinyl. Just wondering what the experiences are of folks on this forum. I'll also be getting additional mats (leaning towards Husky x-act fit) for the front and back as added protection.
  11. JEMetzger

    Bed Divider Suggestions?

    I've seen a few of these on both the Ford and aftermarket accessory sites. Besides being on the pricey side (looks like most are close to $300), having an 8-foot bed I really don't have a need for the extension functionality. If they can disconnect and store easily when I have bigger cargo in the bed, however, it may be an option. I'll take a look at some of the reviews.
  12. JEMetzger

    Window Sticker

    From what I have seen here and on other forums, it will depend on your production date. It seems that once the status changes from Scheduled to Date to Sent to Plant (or something very similar) you'll see the window sticker shortly thereafter. I ordered on 5/19 and had a VIN pretty quickly. My original production date was 7/19 but got bumped out to a date TBD (I haven't followed-up with the dealer). Still no window sticker on my end.
  13. I was just complaining about this the other day. I finished an entire basement by hauling lumber, drywall, molding, etc. in the back of a 1998 Mountaineer. Being able to open the glass window was a huge help. Now if I want to buy a 2x4 with my 2018 Explorer I have to shove it all the way up close to the dashboard and I can only take a couple at a time. Obviously not a deal-breaker for me, but one of the reasons I've got a new pick-up truck on order.
  14. I've got a F250 CCLB on order and have been looking for a bed divider to place in front of the wheel wells to prevent groceries and small items from sliding all the way to the back of the cab. I'll also have a factory install tonneau cover so anything on rail systems is likely out. Everything I've found on the market seems to be for the F150 but not for the Super Duty line. I had a board I kept in my last truck for this purpose but would like to move up to something a little classier this time around. Any suggestions?