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  1. rain6460

    Roush Supercharger vs. Adaptive CC

    Thanks for all the feedback guys, much appreciated. jeff
  2. rain6460

    Roush Supercharger vs. Adaptive CC

    That’s a very solid answer! And is exactly what I intend to do next week. I just thought I’d throw it out there on the chance someone knew. I tried too late in the day on Friday to get a hold of someone at Ford Performance and Roush but everyone was gone for the holiday weekend. Oh well, putting on my patience hat till next week. Thanks for the comeback. jeff
  3. Hello, I have a 2020 Mustang GT on order through Ford. I’d like to know if the Roush phase 2 stage 3 750hp SC kit they will be installing is compatible with adaptive cruise control? In doing some of my own research, I read that prior to the ‘18 models, the acc needed to be be disabled to install a supercharger. Also read on the CJ Pony Parts website that the phase 1 700hp kit is indeed compatible with acc on the ‘18-20 models. But when you look at the details on the phase 2 750hp kit, they don’t mention the acc at all. Anyone out there know if the phase 2 build is compatible with the adaptive cruise? Thanks. jeff
  4. rain6460

    California smog requirements

    Hi, I ordered my 2020 GT Premium from Lebanon Ford of Ohio about a week ago. I had originally planned to go with the phase 1 Roush package, but then decided to go phase 2 for an additional $600. I also went with the performance pack level 1. I know this package includes a strut tower brace that goes over the engine, but I’m not clear on whether they can install one over a supercharger. Do you know if there’s enough clearance under the hood for it? Thanks. jeff
  5. rain6460

    California smog requirements

    Thanks I appreciate that. It is a bit of a mystery though, we’re almost in August and they’re still waiting on approval from Cal-Air resource board. The dealership told me the window would be closing soon to be able to custom order a 2020 car so... wish they’d get on with it!
  6. rain6460

    California smog requirements

    Thank you. That’s consistent with what they posted on the website...it says “carb pending” which is why I’m a little nervous to pull the trigger on making a deal. jeff
  7. rain6460

    California smog requirements

    Hello Everyone, Was considering the purchase of a 2020 GT paired with a Roush supercharger, from Lebanon Ford performance in Ohio. But living in California, I’m not sure this is a good idea due to the strict emission laws they have here. I’m pretty sure new vehicles have to be zero emissions in order to pass smog. According to the Lebanon Ford performance website, The GT‘s they offer with a Roush stage 1 package are certified 50 state legal. Does that statement actually mean it will pass smog in 50 states? Not sure what to think about this, any input would be greatly appreciated. Thanks. jeff