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  1. anything, body work, paint, switched out rims, tires? let us know! I have a 2018 Fusion 1.5L and looked up my engine and found some interesting products. There are so many synthetic oil brands out there, ran into this where everything for my vehicle is on one page: https://www.searchforparts.com/oil-change/ford-2018-fusion-1.5l-d ordered everything to flush the entire engine since I drive Uber and ran up some serious miles, so I needed something really good. Royal Purple and Redline was also really good but couldnt find everything on one nice sheet/page. Also ran into carid where you can find all kinds of parts in a nice organized menu to search your vehicle...bought a rear view mirror https://www.carid.com/pilot/pilot-rear-view-mirror-1641330847.html?parentsubmodel[]=SUBMODEL|Platinum&vehicle=125386 it just fell/collapsed out of the blue!!!!
  2. Danny84

    2021 Bronco Production Information

    good info and it looks awesome! Thanks!