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    CMAX mileage

    Greetings; have been remiss in getting on a forum previously as I have a 2015 CMAX Energi that I bought used about 4 years ago that just hit 57K. Have been really happy with this car as it drives and handles beautifully, is very comfortable (seats are the best) and has probably saved me about 3-4 grand in fuel cost over my 2008 Nissan Maxima SE. Also have had no maintenance issues of any significance up to now. With respect to mileage, i did some more complete mileage calculations that in the last 6 months that add up to about 90 mpg equivalent. What I did is figure in the cost of the electricity and converted that cost to equivalent gasoline cost. You just have to check your electric bill for how much you pay per kilowatt hour and multiply that by the kilowatts you use, which shows up on the dash display. Then just combine both costs which will lower your indicated mileage from the display, but not a great deal. I charge mine at home almost all the time so it's pretty accurate. To get that mileage, I have done a lot of short trips so actually went about 4.5 months on a tank of fuel! When I was working and commuting 52 miles round trip, that mileage was more like 65-70, and in winter more like 50 plus or minus. Also, I got as much as 26 miles on pure electric, but that was rare and in heavier traffic. It's crazy with electric that your best mileage is slow speed with some stop and go... Any thoughts/ comments, let me know.