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  1. pictures would be great i have a 96 e350 with the 5.8l ive got high input codes on the coolest temp, IAT, TPS, and transmission range sensor. My plan is to disconnect all these sensors then follow the wiring all the way back to see whats going on and to check the power in and grounds. Unfortunately I can't seem to find any info for these vans.
  2. Archesgarage

    O2 sensor issues.

    So I ran power down the harness remotely, i didnt have power on red and grey/red. So i ran new wires directly from the ECU connector, that caused power issues for several other sensors. Back to square one tomorrow but the 02 ran right. Its DEFINITELY not a fuse or I wouldn't have any o2s. 02s ground right to the exhaust manifold
  3. Alrightly, first post here. I have a 96 ford "club wagon" says on the title unsure if its a 250 or 350. But it has the 5.8l I keep getting p1131 code. The wiring is goofy as heck. On the factor harness I have Red. Red/white. Gray/white. Gray/red. The red should be vehicle power and have the same voltage as the battery with key on. It should be upper right on the connector. But im not getting power to it. Red/white goes to something called HEGO MN NO. 11 I think that translates to HO2s or bottom left. This has 12v should show nothing as its a return line according to my diagram. Gray/light blue goes to HEGO NO.11 I believe thats the heater. Top left of the connector. Gray/red goes to signal return. Now my question is why am I getting power out of red/white and not red? Is there a common area these cross that might have crossed? Also does anyone have first world knowledge as to if this info is correct? Fuel trim on bank one and bank two are the same so it is not running lean. Both long term and short term. Please help.