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  1. EsTxDr

    2021 F250 Bed Mat

    Thanks for the pics, thats great. I may try to do that myself. Appreciate it.
  2. EsTxDr

    2021 SD Platinum received 12/16/20

    Pics or it didn't happen.
  3. While I'm waiting for my '21 6.7 to arrive Im considering some options for long trips with the family. Anyone looked into rear seat entertainment options? Headrest monitors for movies, or the like? I see some aftermarket suppliers, anyone have experience with a particular company? Thoughts, advice?
  4. EsTxDr

    2021 F250 Bed Mat

    Thanks for the replies. I guess I was assuming the plugs would sit flush with the bed. I did get the spray in liner, I was just thinking of using a mat as well for traction control. Maybe the plugs will be flush with the spray in liner. Not a big deal either way I guess, just thinking while I wait for it to arrive.
  5. So new to the form, just ordered a '21 F250 limited 6.7. New to Ford, full size pickups, and super duty. Good site here with lots of info. So you can't order the Ford bed mat if you select the 5th wheel prep package. My understanding is the plugs were flush. Are you unable to use a bed mat with the prep package? Do they interfere with using a mat?