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  1. Nbmonte

    2021 Tremor

    I ordered Nov 24th, finally got a vin a couple weeks ago. Scheduled for production in April. Hopefully your wait is closer to the 8 weeks.
  2. Nbmonte

    Canadian orders

    I think it’s a shitty way to do things, and I’m not much farther ahead, all it does is keep me waiting. It bugs me they’re sending trucks to sit on dealer lots in the US while our orders wait and wait. I have a vin, but theres so much uncertainty with parts availability this spring, there’s no guarantee. I really like the ford trucks right now, part of it is simply wanting a change. After 6 years with a dodge, I just want something different. Hopefully it’s the right decision.
  3. Nbmonte

    Canadian orders

    I talked to my salesman two weeks ago, told him I needed a truck this spring, and if I didn’t hear anything by the end of February I’d have to cancel and buy elsewhere off the lot. He called me today with a vin#, says it’s scheduled for early April. still way slower than most of the orders I’m seeing in the US.
  4. Nbmonte

    Canadian orders

    I keep getting told the same thing, orders will be picked up in March. Dealer claims they have more allocations than orders, what else can I do but accept what they say. I think the dealer messed up, but I can’t prove it, and every other dealer I’ve talked to says they’re not sure they can get any trucks. For whatever reason trucks aren’t making it into Canada. I’m stuck waiting for now, I’ve thought about getting another dodge, but I really like the Ford product. It sucks Ford doesn’t seem to want to sell more trucks in Canada.
  5. Nbmonte

    Trying to buy a Ford

    New guy from NB, Canada trying to get back into a Ford. Ordered a f250 lariat tremor in late November, and still no word on it. Trying to wait it out, but starting to second guess the decision.
  6. Nbmonte

    Canadian orders

    I ordered a 7.3l f250 lariat tremor 11/26 and the order still hasn’t been picked up by Ford. My dealer claims Ford is completely focused on the US market and isn’t allocating many builds to the Canadian market right now. Does this seem plausible, or just dealer speak? I ordered with the largest dealer in my area, so switching dealers likely won’t help. thanks for any insight.