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    Alternator replaced, now won't idle

    2000 Zetec DOHC, car sat a LONG time, started it, alternator seized up, belt got hot, kinda melted tensioner pulley. Ran fine, but squealed like mad. On shut off, I could hear some "sizzling" & "popping", in the area of the alternator. I replaced the tensioner and the alternator, (Rockauto), and in doing so, had to move the engine up down and forward quite a bit to get the alt and tensioner out of there. I only undid 4 plugs up by the firewall on the passenger side, and re-plugged all of it in. The battery is about dead, so I used a jump box to start the car today. It starts right up, but won't stay running; it won't idle. If I sit there with my foot in it, about 1/4 way down, it will run. If I let off the gas, it becomes really rough and lopes a lot, then dies quickly. I'm at a loss, no idea where to look next. I checked all the connections, nothing loose, etc. UPDATE: I put a different battery in that is fully charged. Connected positive, & turned key to "on" to clear codes. Started car, still won't idle. I had my wife start it and give it a little gas to keep it running; voltage at battery was 13.5-14.5, depending on rpm's. When she let off the gas, it stumbles all over itself misfiring etc, and slows down before dying. HELP! Lol, I don't know where or what should be next. Anybody got a clue? Thanks