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  1. This initially gave me hope that my order would be changed to include 52X, but then I got hung up on the term "stock" orders. I'm new to this - but would my order be considered stock or retail? I think I still need to push my salesman on this...
  2. Could you please report back after you request this? I requested that 52X be added to my 2022 Explorer ST order (placed Aug 5th) and was told by the sales manager that "I went in and looked. Not an option on this order." No idea why...
  3. gkmunch

    Shutdown Coming to Chicago?

    Thank you! Edit: Salesman and manager came back with "Not an option on this order". No biggie.
  4. gkmunch

    Shutdown Coming to Chicago?

    I have a potentially dumb question. My order is in for a '22 Explorer. I do not like/want the Auto Start-Stop feature, and would love the ability to defeat or disable it. Do I need to specify the "Auto Start-Stop Removal (52X)" on my order? Is this an option? I was ignorant to this MY change when placing the order.
  5. gkmunch

    Retail vs Stock Order

    Thanks for the explanation; this whole process is very new to me. I actually pinged my salesman yesterday and had it bumped up to a 12. 👍
  6. gkmunch

    2022 Super Duty Orders & Discussion

    Thanks to the information here, and a quick email to my salesman, my priority code has been changed from a 19 to a 12!
  7. gkmunch

    2022 Super Duty Orders & Discussion

    Thanks for the quick responses and clarification! I'll ping my salesman and see if anything can be done to "bump" me up from a 19. Much appreciated.
  8. gkmunch

    2022 Super Duty Orders & Discussion

    May I ask how you were able to get a higher priority? Is this done at the dealer level? Forgive my ignorance, this is my first Ford order.
  9. gkmunch

    Retail vs Stock Order

    Interesting! I just checked my order and it's a priority 19 - sometimes ignorance truly is bliss...
  10. While I don't have my order yet, I've been reading that the UI with Sync 3 on the Explorer ST's "iPad" leaves a lot to be desired. This seems like a step in the right direction, however I'm not expecting an eventual fix on my MY22; it will probably take a next iteration of hardware to improve the interface design.
  11. Three biggest factors were garage space, styling, performance. I'm coming from a line of smaller vehicles ('06 Evo, '08 STi, '12 135i, '16 340i), but now our family is growing and I need something a bit bigger. I also like the proportions of the Explorer ST over the expedition. Dream car would be a wagon (E63 AMG, RS6) but price is always a factor. I might lower the ST (only 1.125"), and I didn't order it with roof rails in hopes to keep it more 'wagony' looking and less upright SUV.
  12. gkmunch

    Pictures of delivered trucks

    This is such a good color... great looking truck!
  13. gkmunch

    2022 Toyota Tundra Thread

    The styling overall seems okay/"meh", but that body line above the rear fender is really distracting. At least the front fender crease feels more like a continuation of the lines coming off of the headlight.
  14. I agree - this is great!
  15. gkmunch

    Who waxes their cars?

    I used to be on a much more frequent polishing schedule - now I'm lucky if I can carve out time for my my annual clay/polish. The Chemical Guys (not sure if they're overrated or not) wash/wax I use keeps it looking pretty good when I can get a hand wash in. Ceramic coatings have caught my eye recently, but I can't just yet swallow the price...