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  1. thsanders77

    2022 Black Appearance Package

    Great News! Seems we are all getting good news this week! Got my notification yesterday as well for build week of 3/7. Hope it continues to move along with no more delays. Enjoy!
  2. thsanders77

    2022 Black Appearance Package

    I ordered a Lariat with BAP on 10/22 and still have not gotten a build date. Seeing this post gives me hope that it will be soon. If you don't mind me asking when did you order? Also, did you have any other options that contributed to the long lead time other than the BAP? My order was with PowerBoost 7.4KW Gen spray in Bedliner My order was moved to priority 2 so I figure it should be at the top of the list! But, I have been considering changing my order to the KR just so I can get it built before the end of the year.