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    Issues after carbon cleaning…

    So i used BG intake valve cleaner and picks. Made sure the valves I was working on were fully closed. Also blew all excess pieces out of valves and sucked out all liquid. Unfortunately i performed a compression test and the results are as follows… Cylinder #1 30psi Cylinder #2 125 psi Cylinder #3 125 psi Cylinder #4 125 psi

    Issues after carbon cleaning…

    I’m a VW tech and I have my personal 2013 Fusion 2.0 Titanium. Car has 152k miles. Car was hesitating/misfiring at WOT on freeway. No dtcs present. I decided to perform a carbon clean on Intake valves on Saturday. Car was idling fine before carbon clean. Test drove on freeway after carbon clean of intake valves and it still hesitated on WOT. Oh well carbon clean didn’t fix that. But now on idle at stationary, car misfires. Have a P0301. I have a cheap handheld scanner and the dtc will not clear. I have swapped plugs around and coil and still misfire on cylinder 1. Replaced injector and there is still a misfire on cylinder 1. Tried cap discharge and nothing. I can clear the light on the dash but the actual DTC will not clear with engine off and ignition on. I did notice somewhat excessive oil on intake valves when taking intake off to replace injector. I will be replacing pcv in the coming days, but would that cause a misfire on cylinder 1 and just cylinder 1? Smoke tested through dipstick, no leaks. Noticed heavy soot/carbon on cylinder 1 spark plug. Haven’t done a compression or leak down rear, ran out of time after work. Any help would be appreciated.