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  1. gsmith68

    dealer playing games?

    i did order with another dealer, he is a little smaller but seemed honest (as honest as dealers can be lol) he said he had 3 ahead of me , but none with the fifth wheel prep, which i knew was a hold up. he emailed the paperwork with a priority 10, which probably doesn't mean much , but it makes feel better then the 19 .lol. thank you
  2. i ordered a 2022 f350xl drw from my dealer at the end of October. he said it would be about 3 months. i did some home work (on here) and found that it was going to be more then that, i called back and asked him about it. he told me it would be longer, maybe closer to 6 months. i asked him if he had a lot on order, he said that doesn't matter, it goes by when ford gets your order. couple weeks go by and my brother ordered a 250 lariat. he gets his vin just a few weeks later, and month and a half after that he is sitting in his truck. i called my dealer to make a change on the running boards, i told him about my brothers truck, he said mine will take much longer because of the changes to the 350 drw? i dont know of any changes, just assume its his second time giving me a line of !!!! i ask him again if because his lot is bare ,did he have a lot on order because i read that dealers only get so many to order per month and per year? so i call him back a couple days later and said lets switch it from a xl to a xlt with all the options. i said will i have to start all over? i haven't got anything but the welcome letter when you first submit the order and still at priority 19. he calls back and said, you can make the change because you haven't been assigned a vin, BUT, you will have to go back to the end of the line AND he said ford said it probably will be a 2023! i said they wont roll out till late summer or fall? i asked is it because you have alot ordered , he again told me that has nothing to do with it, i called 2 other dealers and they both said the 2023 thing was a line of !!!!. one dealer said it does matter how many are in front of you, which i was pretty sure of. he said i have 9 ahead of you all waiting on filth wheel prep. the other dealer said the 2023 thing was bull!!! and he could get a 2022 and had 3 ahead of me but they didn't have the fifth wheel prep . i ordered with him , the next day i got the paper work from him and it was a priority 10? i called the original dealer back and got my $2000 deposit back that he asked for when ordering because he said my truck was a xl and would be hard to sell if i backed out of it. he said the hold up was because of the changes to the f350 dually ? so my question is ,do you guys think i was played somewhat. some other dealers said they wont cancel the truck and will just sell it for more? and about the 2023 thing , is that true, none of the other dealers brought that up? thanks. also, i know im in for a wait, i just felt i was being mislead from the beginning