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    10 hours ago, akirby said:

    The website clearly tells you to place the order with your dealer because Ford doesn’t set your price - the dealer does.  

    I am just not sure what the purpose of placing the order online when you still have to go in to the dealer to have them 'redo' it.  It really just adds confusion to the process.

  2. I was totally thrown off. I ordered online and place my deposit. I got the confirmation and it was societies with the dealership I selected. About a week later I reached out to the dealership just to check in and they said I needed to come in to actually place the order. WHHHYYYY

  3. Last year I didn't notice any loss of miles based on heat on my Tesla. I was living in the Florida panhandle at the time. I did still see a lost during our winters but it was mild compared to the northern states. 

  4. I traded my Hellcat in for a used Tesla Model S in Jan 2021 due to me moving out of the city.  My daily commute went from 2 miles round trip to 80 miles round trip each day.  After dropping 30k miles on the Tesla in a short time, I went and bought a new Mach-E in Nov 2021.  I have already hit 10k miles on this one.  I ran the numbers I have saved $1600  over the last 4 months and 10k miles on gas alone.  This does not include any maintenance costs such as oil changes..

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  5. I have a build week of 3/21.  I have seen numerous people in the build thread talk about their window sticker being updated from Active Park Assist to the Active prep kit with a $325 credit. Although my window sticker was updated after the prep kit was added to others in my build thread, mine never changed.  I wish I could give it up so I can get the hands free lift gate as I will probably rarely ever use the park assit.

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