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The Ford Order Tracking System Is No Longer Available.  THANKS Cyberdman For Making Available All Of These Past Years.  More Here.


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  1. nitewolfgtr

    A/Z plan - retail order process?

    So I got the dealer to sign the AXZD plan pricing agreement for a retail order. But as @akirby said, rules is a bit confusing and the way plan pricing agreement is written is not clear either. For example, the pricing agreement requires you to specify a VIN # but on retail order, VIN # is not generated until the vehicle is scheduled for production. Dealer was reluctant to fill out the agreement, but I did get them to finally write the Order code into the VIN # field, specify the total price ( Z plan pricing) on the 2nd page with price protection circled, and sign the agreement. They also said that we would have to fill out a new agreement at delivery since VIN # was not available at the time to fill in the missing pieces. I wish Ford would make the guidelines very clear and explicit but seems like the whole AXZD plan guide was written for times when you could just walk into the dealer and drive off with a vehicle on the lot... and leaves much to be desired with retail orders.
  2. First time doing a retail order for an F-150 with Z plan. Can someone confirm whether the AZXD Plans Pricing agreement must be signed the placing the retail order OR is that signed at delivery? Thank you.
  3. I'm aware that 2023 F-150 order banks are open as of yesterday afternoon, however, I'm getting conflicting information specifically regarding Tremor trim. Is the order bank open for 2023 F-150 Tremor ?