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  1. Sure is great seeing so many getting their trucks delivered! So far I'm loving my 2024 F450 HO. Can't wait until Spring when I can hitch the dump trailer up and give it a workout. For those ordering/wondering, It took me 5 months from order to delivery and that was with a strike in there as well. Enjoy your trucks!
  2. Truck picked up and finished the 1600 mile drive home. Performed flawlessly, 18.1mpg @ 70. Trip home with the 2022 was a blizzard nightmare, this trip never saw one raindrop. Overall, VERY impressed with the 2024 F450. Feels mostly the same as the 2022, max recline seats were indeed worth the upgrade. Also the truck drives itself with the lane keeping and adaptive cruise. REALLY REALLY nice. Made 13 hour days driving nice. Can’t say I really feel any more beans in the HO motor, although I know they are there. Sounds the same. Transmission seems to shift smarter/harder, which I like. Felt like I spent way less time in what I thought was the wrong gear for speed/conditions. Exhaust brake feels stronger and more integrated with the 10 speed. Bed liner install Thursday, Duraflap mudflaps install tomorrow. It is no longer needed to upgrade to the quad lights, the stock LED lights in the 2024 Lariat are excellent!!! Duraflap is actually doing the install since it’s the first 2024 HO and they want to make sure they are the same and or document any changes in the product for others. Turns out they are in my small town where I live. Use Duraflap’s if you can, they really are a great company with a great product. I did the install myself on the 2022 and it was painless and easy. Overall, what ever the process is and the hell you go through in the build process, be patient. This is an asset you will have for a long long time and try to look at it as what’s a few more months. I know, easy for me to say with mine sitting in the parking lot, but I did wait a year for the 2022 and felt the same way.
  3. Well darn. I left anything off that I could get done locally and have a better warranty to boot. Folks that are getting ready to order, take note here.
  4. SO close to my build. My dealer in Arizona has MASSIVE allocations. They turn the trucks there. I’m guessing that is the issue with your build. Have you been watching the weekly Tuesday Long Mcarthur YouTube channel? You could determine in the Baja interior has come constraints.
  5. Pull your window sticker up and in the special order box will be the production date. Interested in if there is a date in there. Could it be it didn’t pass some functional test? I spent a couple decades in airplane manufacturing and all manufacturing information/documentation follows the airplane at delivery. I wish auto manufacturing was the same. If they had to do a body work repair/brake system repair because of something happening in the factory you’d never know. So we speculate what the issue could be. We had situations all the time where there was an update to a product or process during the build process and things would have to be revisited and we’d have to chase the plane down the line.
  6. My 2022 and 2024 are both Lariat Ultimate trims. With the 2024 I checked MANY more boxes on the order sheet and a few options are now also standard in that package that weren't in 2022. This means the 2024 price is also way above the 2022. On the 2022, I didn't get the 360 camera package, supplemental heater and upfitter switches. Huge mistakes. On the 2022 I did get Adaptive cruise (should be mandatory) and on the 2024 this with camera package is standard on Lariat Ultimate package. Would rather NOT have the power running boards on the 2024 as I know it's something I'll get to fix someday. So over all, the 2024 was $9K more than the 2022, but I also added the Bed scales and Pro power in addition to the standard package changes above. Also the 2024 has the HO PowerStroke. Funny thing is, the BIGGEST thing I wanted on the 2024 was the side bed steps. MAGICAL. Had them on a Chevy 3500 I owned during the summer of 2022 when I didn't think the 2022 was going to be built at all. For those of you that haven't experienced or are on the fence about the adaptive cruise/collision avoidance systems on ANY new car purchase, take the leap. It will in fact save you from disaster many times over and once you understand how it functions will make your travels SOOOO much more enjoyable. Also, I get that people want what they want and there is nothing wrong with that. I myself however would NEVER miss out of production of a vehicle for years because of a trim level. The lariat Ultimate package with a couple more checkboxes puts you 98% in the seat of luxury (yes I ordered max recline). lolol Shiny power tailgate? Seat massage? Don't need it and thankfully I DISLIKE sunroofs anyway because at some point your going to get it fixed, especially in my climate. :-) Leave off ALL accessories that can be installed locally, all of them, not even a bedliner and your truck WILL get built. SO hopefully those getting ready to put in the order now will listen to the advice as it will save you massive headaches.
  7. Wow. I will be on the hunt for a truck camper now. I used to go massive 11.5' Arctic Fox. Going to go smaller/lighter this time. 5500#+ is too friggen much to haul around everywhere.
  8. Like my 2022 F450, took a year and was worth every second of it when it arrived.
  9. Oh god no! My trucks maiden voyage will be 1800 miles heading home... And to make it worse, the truck was built on Halloween. This though could actually be haunted. Sorry this happened to you.
  10. Ordered a TON of new Fords, never heard of this.
  11. As I’ve understood this for years, this isn’t correct. The As built to be loaded may be known based on engineering/options, the software is loaded on the assembly line, wirelessly now and the “G” is the final check in the system that it’s complete and correct. Probably a simple checksum report. It’s loaded there so that they can incorporate the latest engineering revisions. When your particular module, just pick one (heated steering wheel), it may be at a 1.0 revision level, or no software at all when actually manufactured. Since then with options, TSB’s and other engineering corrections, it may be MANY versions down the road before production of a particular unit. It may even change based on delivery location. For instance, did you know you can adjust the heated steering wheel temps with this data in Forscan? It is entirely possible that a default heat temp (degrees) is lower in a truck hading for Phoenix than barrow Alaska. I use heated steering wheel because I did have to turn my steering wheel temp up in my 2022 F450 a few degree as it would hardly get warm at all. Default temp was set to lowest based on this as-built data. Now it’s toasty warm. There is is a REASON they call it AS BUILT and not AS DESIGNED. when you are dealing with as built, it’s exactly that and that is why this data isn’t present until your vehicle is in it’s final stages and powered up. Being in lean manufacturing environment for almost two decades I can promise you that aren’t loading these modules individually on a bench anywhere.
  12. Ordered 7/31/23. Had a build date in September but then the strike hit.
  13. Well that is interesting. Maybe a web page error? Clear cookies/cache and try again? Different browser? I've had this page load half way before and not completely load, no G at the bottom.
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