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    BCM programming charge at Ford dealer

    Nobody else has ever had a dealer reprogram a body control module?
  2. About three years ago I helped a buddy of mine obtain a 2010 Fusion hybrid in excellent condition. Recently it refused to restart after being parked for a few minutes. Friend had the car towed to local Ford dealership, and they diagnosed that the body control module (BCM) was bad. In addition, they told my friend that Ford had none in stock and it could be as long as 6 months to acquire. I got involved and found a business in FL that can repair BCM for about $200, retain programming and provide lifetime warranty. Dealership was okay with us sending BCM to be repaired. When BCM got there it was found that it was damaged beyond repair. The business was willing to send a tested and warranted BCM for decent price, but of course it would need to be programmed at the dealer. I did a cursory search to find out what programming might cost, and I also sent the service manager at our local dealership an email asking for a ballpark cost for putting the replacement BCM back in (they took it out and they still had the car) and reprogram. No reply. Fast forward to today when my friend picked up his car and was presented with bill for $800+ for reprogramming the replacement BCM. I had told my friend ahead of time that it might be $300 for the programming, but I was shocked at $800. Has anyone else had to have this done, and if so, at what cost?