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  1. Jurgs

    Buzzing steering wheel ??

    Update: The dealer replaced the drive shaft and problem solved. Glad it was as simple as that.
  2. Jurgs

    Buzzing steering wheel ??

    Update: The dealer says it's the drive shaft. They had to order a new one from Ford and it should be in some time next week. Got my fingers crossed that this will fix the issue..
  3. Jurgs

    Buzzing steering wheel ??

    Yeah, that's where I'm at right now. It's either the tires or the wheel hubs that are causing the issue. I was asking to find out if this was a common problem with a known solution. It's at the dealer today, hopefully they'll have a fix for it.
  4. Hey everyone, Not sure if this has been asked and discussed before but, I'm new and haven't been able to find anything on this topic. Frist I'll start with my truck specs. All stock 2022 F250 XLT, Crew, 7.3, 4X4, Black Appearance package W/20" wheels and Michelin tires, and about 1500 miles on the truck. The problem I have is right at 72mph, I get a very significant buzz in the steering wheel and an audible roar from the cab too. There is nothing at 71mph, but once I hit 72mph it buzzes up until about 78mph and completely gone at 80mph. I've down shifted the trans to play with the engine rpm and have ruled that out, so I know its not engine rpm related. I have an appointment at the dealer next week for them to take a look at it. just wanted to see if anyone had seen or heard of this problem. Tires?? Wheel hubs?? Thanks
  5. Jurgs

    Hello from Wisconsin

    2022 F250 XLT, Crew cab, 7.3L. I'm new to the world of Ford. I've been a long time Toyota buyer but, needed something bigger than a Tundra and decide to go with the F250.