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  1. An update on my order. Dates from the Ford website: (Day 0) Order Confirmed 03/10/2023 (Day 25) Scheduled Week Of 04/04/2023 (Day 25) In Production 04/04/2023 (Day 27) Built 04/06/2023 (Day 28) Shipped 04/07/2023 Date from 4/8/2023 email to me from Ford: “Our current estimate for delivery to Xxxxxxxxx Ford is between May 5, 2023 and May 11, 2023” (Day 56 - Day 62) I also called their other location and left a message for “The Owner” that he please call me and arrange a one-on-one sit down. Still waiting to hear from him. Still trying to "reconcile" the estimated dates from my sales rep of 3-6 months before I'd get my truck if I ordered one. Thoughts?
  2. oldserverguy

    My order was pulled early?

    I was trying to get my dealer sales rep to add the missing chrome wheel lip moldings - this has been an issue for weeks. The build date "was" 4/5 but now he said it's too late as the order was pulled. At upper left is: Your 2023 F-150 XLT "is in Production" but the schedule date still shows as the week of 4/4. What's the real story here?
  3. My F150 is scheduled for the week of 4/5/2023. Anyone got enough current information to give me an estimate on when it will get here? Getting a new "hip" on 4/17 so I need to figure out my calendar.
  4. Interesting. Thought it was going to be 3-6 months per the dealer before I got my truck which I ordered on 3/10. Scheduled for production the week of 4/5 which implies slightly less than a month from order to off the line at Dearborn, MI. Funny thing - here in Englewood, FL we have the "Dearborn Cruise-In" on the first Saturday of the month on Dearborn Street.
  5. I got nothing except the order preview. They are the local dealer but some Ford owners won't do business with them. I might just visit with the owner in a few weeks. Grandkids are coming today so not really able to do anything for over a week. Pool time for the kiddos with the heater getting a workout.
  6. Thanks much Flying68. The "sales guy" wasn't of significant help with getting my build detailed. I don't think they sell very many trucks for this which is strange being in SW Florida with majority retired people. The F150 is intended to be everything I need for towing and nothing extra. No sun roof, no 4x4, no skip plates. After many comments pro and con I went with the 5.0L Coyote. Simple and no turbo. Do you see anything else that I need to add? Any idea how far into the order I can change things?
  7. Attached is my website build for a relatively plain jane F150 for a Florida daily driver and a tow vehicle for an Airstream 23FB and a scan of the printout that the dealer gave me after entering the order in a back room. I've tried to compare them but there are differences. Some are likely just nomenclature, some must be system items for $0.00 and then??? The truck is a F150 SuperCrew, 5.0L Coyote, 4x2, 5.5 box and max tow package. The dealer doesn't seem to have a sales rep with deep knowledge of towing so I've had to rely on others to help me via email and the Airstream forum. If you see something I missed I just placed the order on Friday so I'm assuming I can make changes for a few (as you can with GM). F150-dealer-order-summary.pdf Build Your F-150®.pdf
  8. I spent many hours on the Airstream forum and consulting with two of the boys about a F150 for towing. Built a truck that except for a few controversial items, such as getting the 5.0L rather than the EcoBoost, looks like a capable vehicle that's only about 6X the price of my first house. Went to the dealer on Friday where the "guy" printed out the PDF of the build, then disappeared into a back area and reinput my entire build. Was gone for a long time and then gave me a one page summary of the order. It looks kinda like my build but I'm not really sure that he got everything and some of the $$$ and descriptions are different. Either Ford should have a process where a dealer can just copy your order in or software that the customer can use to ensure there weren't any errors in the input process. And it would be nice not to wait until the order is in and you're ready to leave to tell you there's a $899 dealer fee.