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  1. F350 Lariat Ultimate Rapid Red with 6.7 Diesel, Onboard scales, Pro Power, Max Recline, Supplemental Heat, FX4, Gooseneck 5th wheel Prep, Locking 3:31, Chrome Pkg. Towing 14,980 lb Directional Drill trailer. BigTex 16TL 22 tilt trailer with Vermeer D20x22 S3 on it. Onboard Scales showed we had drill placed way too far back with dangerous 5% tongue weight instead of 10-15%. Onboard scales for the win!! Highly recommend this option for those that tow equipment. Especially if employees are towing and don’t guess equipment placement correctly. If you own a company where employees are towing trailer mounted equipment get OnBoard scales !!! Will save towing accidents from Bad loading !! Ordered 7/19. First scheduled 9/7. Invoiced 11/6, built and shipped 11/14. Sat at rail yard for 18 days. Picked up 12/14. Strike delayed by 3 weeks. Just ordered trailer mounted camera and tpms to add to longer trailers. Still trying to learn all the new features. Previous Super Duty was a 2008. A lot has changed !!!
  2. Check again in the morning and see if it says shipped. Otherwise it got wrecked driving off the assembly line into the rail car! I’ve heard other see that happen on the tracker so don’t worry and ignore the wrecked driving off the assembly line joke.
  3. Well my dealer said trucking company would give them 24 to 48 hours of advanced notice of shipping to dealer from rail yard. no notice but after sitting at rail yard for 19 day, my tracking status just changed!!! Dealer says 48 hours max for prep. One previous purchase, the prep was done in 2 hours and front tires wore out quick due to insanely misaligned front end. Glad this different dealer spends the proper time for prep to check things like alignment. F350 SRW, Rapid Red, 8ft bed, Lariat Ultimate, regular diesel, gooseneck/5th wheel prep, onboard scales, 2kw power on board, max recline seats, rapid heat, FX4, and dealer will add the goose gooseneck hitch.
  4. My built truck has been sitting at the rail yard 113 miles from the dealer for 19 days waiting for the trucking company to deliver to the dealer. In my case I need it asap. But your dealer could tell the trucking company to wait. Though they might charge storage fees at the rail yards. Also you could wait to close the deal once at the dealer.
  5. No, “clean” means there aren’t any errors in the configuration. Newer dealer ordering systems prevent an order that’s not correct for being entered. But older more manual system still allows combinations that aren’t not permitted on the order guide. Those orders can’t be built because they are not “clean”.
  6. I’ve seen some XLT’s scheduled the week after being submitted. They scheduled yesterday (Thursday 11/30). Your dealer does need to have a Super Duty allocation for you to be scheduled.
  7. What are your trim and options. Means that either your dealee doesn’t have an allocation. Or some of the parts are not available.
  8. Special order box on sticker is the invoice date. Production occurs about a week later. I would go to Ford Chat and ask about your vehicle.
  9. I know a few people who would still be alive if their car or some else’s had those safety features. Especially for our kids, I make sure every car my kids get have those options, even if extra trim based features also have to come along with it and raise the price.
  10. The engine were built in Mexico if a diesel and Canada if a gasser. But long before the Kentucky Plant strike. Will be interesting to see what’s wrong. Hopefully just a bad coil.
  11. This may have been the case years ago. But my module data had a G since September, months before the truck was built. And the BCE data showed up 36 hours before Ford Pass became available and 12 hours before the day my truck was built, and about 14 hours before my status added the date on the tracker In Production. So either they got my Built date wrong by a day and Ford Pass takes 36 hours after the truck is built to show up, or the module data is uploaded to the database prior to the truck entering final assembly. The module data showing up is a great indication that your truck will enter final assembly within the next 12-14 hours.
  12. The G means nothing. The module data is available 12 hours prior to your truck going down the line when it’s still a bunch of parts waiting to be put together. The BCE may be temporally plugged in on a workbench to configure it at the time the data shows up. But this data is a database of AsBuilt info for your truck that never changes. And can be used to reconfigure replacement modules to factory AsBuilt specs. Not a bad idea for you to keep a personal copy though.
  13. Double check your VIN in both sticker and module tracker. Also use Ford Pass with the correct VIN. Make sure numbers that look like letters are what they should be.
  14. Your Lariat order has all the options mine does and mine is on the way to the dealer. i would think yours will be scheduled in the next few weeks and delivered in January. You may want to watch Long McArthur on YouTube on Tuesday nights and consider changing to black, chrome or sport appearance if the standard Lariat wheels still have contraints, but that might be resolved by December. Job1 / Job2 usually means a change in the production process or the truck itself. Job1 2024 was identical to Job2 2023. They just changed the model year and added 2 colors (and a few minor things). They are making some changes and timing it for Christmas at Kentucky but late January in Ohio. Again no idea what they are changing but it’s always an improvement. Job2 trucks will be an improvement over the 2023 and early 2024 trucks. Auto roll over don’t worry.
  15. 2024 Limited’s have been scheduled and built. Limited’s are only built at a 4% rate. But orders ARE based on when they were first ordered. So yours is top of of the priority PROVIDED your dealer earned a Super Duty allocation for it. At this point, Limited’s that didn’t get scheduled Because lack of the ordering dealer having an SD allocation are in for a wait.
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