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Found 2 results

  1. Howdy! I'm fairly new to these forums myself, and as I look around the Welcome forums I see a lot of folks like me. Someone who lurked here, doing research before purchasing their (next/first) Ford vehicle. Someone who has (or is about to) take the plunge, maybe even special ordering their new car or truck. Someone who can't wait to learn all about their new vehicle and don't want to pester their salesman until they get thrown out of the dealership. So, I thought it might be nice to collect some of the useful tips I've learned the past few weeks. These are some basic information gathering tasks you can do if you've ordered a new vehicle and can't wait until it arrives. Undoubtedly, you've noticed the "Vehicle Locator By Ford Employees" forum. While it's a wonderful and generous service provided by "someone on the inside," we must always remember it's entirely voluntary and never abuse the privilege. With that in mind, here's ways to keep yourself occupied without needing to pester cyberdman. New Orders When you make a new order for sale or lease, the Dealer (or possibly a Build Manager at their dealership) enters the order into the Ford system. This will generate three things: an order number, the vehicle's VIN, and a projected build date. When tracking your vehicle through the build process, a Ford employee can look things up by either the Dealer Code + the Order Number, or by the vehicle's VIN. For most of the sleuthing we can do, we need the VIN. So when you place a special order, try to get the VIN and projected build date whenever you can. When looking into the status of your vehicle, you might bump up against some of Ford's tracking terms. Some common ones are: Unscheduled - Clean: means the order has reached FoMoCo, and is clean of any production holds. Scheduled or Segemented: means the order is scheduled to a producton segment week. Once you see this, they typically won't accept any further changes to the order. You can find more terms here: http://themustangsource.com/timeline/05/05/DealerStatusInquiryGlossary.pdf Window Stickers One of the first ways to 'track' your order is by grabbing the Window Sticker from Ford. There are two ways to accomplish this: first, by crafting your own URL. Put this into your web browser's address bar: http://services.forddirect.fordvehicles.com/inventory/WindowSticker.pdf?vin= Then put your VIN at the end of it, and hit enter. You can also click through this link: http://www.researchmaniacs.com/Ford/TrackFactoryCarOrders.html And simply type or paste your VIN into their form. I believe they rely on the same system, but if you're paranoid use the first link; fordvehicles.com is Ford. Now, just because you've placed a special order and gotten a VIN, doesn't mean the Window Sticker will work right away. Window Stickers don't tend to appear until 4-7 days prior to your build date. So this is the first way you can tell when your vehicle is ready to be built. FordEtis Aimed at auto techs, the FordEtis website is an online database for those who service and repair Ford vehicles. It also provides information about specific vehicles by VIN. And not just 'decoding' the VIN (where some basic options can be determined by the letters and numbers), but by actually pulling info from Ford's databases. Go to http://www.etis.ford.com and click on the "Vehicle" tab. Enter your VIN and click "Search." First of all, don't panic if the vehicle it finds doesn't match what you ordered. Especially would-be Fusion owners. Like the Window Sticker generator, your vehicle's info might not show up in the system right away. Early on, you might get errors that the VIN cannot be found. Later, a simple entry might come up with just a few lines of data. The vehicle type might be incorrect, and the build date will show: "30.11.0002". Dates are displayed day/month/year, and 30.11.0002 seems to be a place holder until the actual build date is in the system. Even more later, often on or just around your build date, the entry should fill out with more info, including your actual build date (note: it might not match the project date your Dealer gave you), as well as an expanding section called "Minor Features" which lists all the build options your order did or did not take. Rail Tracking And finally, if you've been on the forums awhile and use the Vehicle Locator by Ford Employees forum, eventually you'll learn when your vehicle is complete and placed on a railcar for shiping to you. Like me, you're probably bouncing off the walls at this stage wanting to get your hands on your hot, new, little car or truck. How to do it? If you post to the tracking forum for an update, and you get a message like this: Your vehicle is on the move. To track the railcar, call CSX at 1-800-235-2352 When prompted for location or weight, press 1 or say "location". When prompted for the car initials, say "ETTX" or press 32-81-81-92. When prompted for the car number, say or press your 6 digit ETTX car number. When prompted for the next car, press ## or say "Done". A recorded voice will tell you the last known arrival or depature location of your railcar. Most times, it won't provide an ETA (and anyways, it's likely not an ETA related to your vehicle specifically). Facebook Some friendly Customer Service reps have Facebook accounts where you can ask questions. Keep in mind, this is publicly visible, so I wouldn't go posting anything you don't want the whole world to see. Tina Megan now has the original account: http://www.facebook.com/FordCustomerService Eric is the other: http://www.facebook.com/FordCustomerService2 This now appears to be the new 'official' page: https://www.facebook.com/FordServiceUS ---- I'd like to thank all the kind and knowledgable folk on these boards, from whom I was able to compile these tips and tricks. If anyone else has any tips or info, please post below. Mods, if you feel this would be useful, could you make this topic a sticky? Thank you!
  2. Hello and welcome to what I hope is helpful information for those of you who are trying to track your vehicles. First a couple of administrative announcement. I don't work for Ford, Lincoln, or any railroad. All that I can share with you are my experiences and those of other bloggers as they tracked their cars. Also I am tracking a Lincoln MKZ from Hermasillo, Mexico, other cars built in other locations may not apply to this forum. Ok with that being said, the first part thing that you will need to track your car is the Railroad car that it is assigned to. Typically you can either find this information on Cyber D's Vehicle Tracking blog(make sure you read the rules carefully) or you may have gotten this information from the dealer or customer service. Once you have that and for cars built in Hermasillo, the first place to call is CSX. The mexican railroad company FerroMex is the actual carrier but CSX tracks FerroMex shipments. Now FerroMex will only take the car through Mexico, and will typically drop off the car at a Border state such as Arizona(Nogales) Here's how to track your ETTX railcar. 1. Call CSX at 1-800-235-2352 2. When prompted for location or weight, press "1" on your phone for location. 3. When prompted for the car initials, say ETTX then wait for the next prompt. OR key in 32-81-81-92 (for ETTX)(letter and position on your phone) 4. When prompted for the car number, say or key in your 6-digit ETTX car number 5. When prompted for next car say DONE. From Nogales Union Pacific picks them up and starts their journey in the states. UP handles most railroad traffic west of the Mississippi and CSX handles most of the railroad traffic east of the Mississippi. Now SMSGT, was able to find a way to track intermediate stops based upon some website that he found. I will let him add his instructions below. Posted 09 February 2013 - 06:37 PM Trying to figure out specifically what path our car is traveling on its way to IL, I came across this weather station map that you can use to possibly track your car's path. I noticed these weather stations were along railways and they also had codes like UP675; maybe UP stands for United Pacific. I took the last point where my car was and started tracing it out all the way to Chicago by only using paths listed as UP. Here is what I came up with and here is the link I'm talking about. I can't believe I'm doing this stuff on a Sat night; but it's fun. http://mesowest.utah...urrTimeChecked= Station Code Location EFAW UP308 DURAN UP303 VAUGHW UP968 DAVIS UP300 SANTA ROSA, NM NSTNOS UP355 ARVID UP273 TCMCRI UP441 TUCUMCARI, NM OBAR UP377 TEXAS LINE ROMERO UP453 KING UP458 DALHART KDHT DALHART, TX CHBRNL UR096 CONLEN UP296 STEVNS UP415 STRATFORD, TX TXHOMA UP424 TEXHOMA, OK GOODWL UP320 GOODWELL, OK GUYMON KGUY GUYMON, OK OPTIMA UP383 TYRONE, OK LIBERAL KLBL LIBERAL, KS SHMRCK UP407 HOBART UP332 DW9907 BLOOM DW9907 GRNBRG UP323 GREENSBURG, KS WELFRD UP430 PRATT MUN KPYY PRATT, KS TURON UP423 PRTRGT UP394 HUTCHINSON MUN KHUT HUTCHINSON, KS GRVLND UP324 MCPHERSON KMPR MCPHERSON, KS GALVA UP317 DURHAM UP304 HERNTN UP330 HERINGTON, KS LATMIR UP349 VOLLND UP428 MAPLHL UP360 TOPEKA, KS GRANTI UP250 BUCKI UP091 LINWDL UP054 FORLKI UP020 ETON UP911 KANSAS CITY, MO BUCKNR UP904 MYRICK UP926 BLOSER UP901 MRSHLL UP925 MARSHALL, MO BLKWTR UP900 BNVILE UP902 BOONVILLE,MO OVERTN UP928 ALGOA1 UP895 JEFFERSON CITY, MO BONML1 UP903 WSNTN1 UP936 WASHINGTON, MO GRSMT1 UP915 GRAY SUMMIT, MO EURKA1 UP912 EUREKA, MO GARD UP318 ST. LOUIS, MO WALSHJ UP814 NOKOMS UP452 NOKOMIS, IL EW1303 PANA E1303 PANA, IL KIRKVL UP343 BURBON UP775 BONGRD UP773 ROYAL UP806 GOODWI UP045 WTSKA1 UP817 WATSEKA,IL GRPTK1 UP787 GRANT PARK, IL CRETE1 UP298 CHICAGO, IL If your car is going to NorCal or points north DeDonut has put some information below for these trips. Dedonut And for anyone interested in the railcar shipment from Mexico to Northern California, it’s a 7 day trip: Hermosillo, MX, Ferrocarril, Mexicano Nogales, AZ, Junction Point, begin Union Pacific RR Aldona, AZ Tucson, AZ Maricopa, AZ Yuma, AZ Salvia, CA W. Colton, CA Bakersfield, CA Saco, CA Fresno, CA Stockton, CA Roseville, CA Davis, CA Port of Benicia, CA
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