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Found 12 results

  1. Hi all, I'm hoping somebody sees this and can help. I just picked up my 2020 Edge ST, which is amazing. There's just one thing that's left me scratching my head. With the adaptive headlight system (included only in the 401A pkg), the left display screen menu under "Vehicle>Settings>Lighting has a greyed out adaptive headlight option that you cannot select no matter what other selections you make or things you do. I took it to the dealer and they don't know either. Is this a software glitch? Should that menu option have been removed? Should it be selectable? Is this something that is country specific? The car manual seems to show a sub-menu under this option so either the manual is out of date/wrong or that area should be selectable for whatever options it contains. Thanks!
  2. Just bought a 2012 Edge Limited with 29K miles on it. The vehicle is in very good condition, bought from a reputable used car dealer, and everything seems to be working properly except for the adaptive cruise control (ACC). After driving anywhere from 5 to 15 miles using the ACC a message pops up saying the collision control is unavailable because the sensor is blocked and the ACC disengages. When I try to restart the ACC another message pops up saying the Adaptive Cruise Control in Unavailable - Senor Blocked. Unfortunately during my brief test drive of this Edge I only tried the ACC for about 2-3 miles and it worked great during that time. When it's working the ACC works great. It just doesn't stay on for very long before we get the "sensor blocked" message. Driving conditions are sunny and dry. The plastic panel (and entire grill) in front of the radar unit that says Radar ACC is clean. I looked at the front of the radar unit as best as I could through the grill and did not see any mud or debris on it. Driving several miles or more after getting the error message apparently clears it and ACC can be used again. I've never had a vehicle with this feature until now. I didn't find any recalls or TSB's online for the Ford Edge ACC system. Is this behavior normal and it's just a finicky system that can't be relied on or does it sound like the ACC in my vehicle is malfunctioning? I've found some comments online from owners mentioning that the ACC in their Ford Edges also turns off at times but no one seemed all that concerned about it, as if it's just the way it is. Is this the case? Does the collision sensor get easily fooled and shut itself off?
  3. I have a 2013 ford edge. It was getting hard to close. To I tried using the open close as a reset switch. As well I got some good lube and it's opening fine and partially closing. It closes short about 6-8" and then the screen will start to close. I tried to open it fully. Hold it open for up to 25sec. I tried then to hold close till it stops on its own and hold for another 25sec. There has to be a function to fix this, at least I'm hoping there is.
  4. Does anyone know if turning off the traction control will extend the life of an over heated PTU?
  5. I bought a 2018 AWD V6 Edge three weeks ago. Last week, at 850 miles, I parked the vehicle on Sunday after a four hour drive and left it until Monday night. I opened it to get something out and locked it. On Tuesday night I went to open the car and the battery was completely dead. I was unable to use the key fob or Keyless Entry to open the car, so the tow truck driver had to use the "real" key to open the door. He jump started the Edge and it started right up, but the clock, date, radio stations, etc. were all reset to factory settings. I drove it 50 miles to the nearest Ford dealer who did a complete check of the electrical system: battery check, check for shorts, etc. They said they could find no codes or anything to explain why the battery went dead: no shorts, battery good, etc. They said I must have left a door open or something, but I know I didn't, and anyway, I thought the electrical system would shut off anything automatically after 10-45 minutes. So, does anyone have an idea what I should do next? My wife doesn't want to drive the car if the battery can go dead in 24-48 hours with no identifiable cause. My local dealer is reluctant to run diagnostics since they say the warranty does not cover it if the car isn't broken. p.s. if I am posting in the wrong forum, let me know and I'll repost correctly. Thanks.
  6. Hello group, lately the oil pressure/level sensor has been tripping repeatedly. I have checked the oil level and I have driven the car about 10000 miles in this condition. I can reset the alarm from the steering wheel control, but the alarm will recur. Is this a known problem? If I want to replace the sensor myself, where is it located? Thank you.
  7. So the Sync screen on our 2012 Edge went black a couple of weeks ago. Took it to the dealer, they said they'd try a master reboot. That didn't work so they hooked it up to diagnostics and gave me the bad news that it'll need a new APIM. Fortunately Ford extended the warranty on the APIMs to 5 years because they have defects that cause them to die an early death. Unfortunately the 5 year warranty for ours ran out on Feb 21, 2017. It had shown some signs of some type of problem before then (black screen, reinitializing messages) but it would always come back to life. But not this time. Our Edge had only 48,280 miles on it when we took it in and has only slightly more than that now. We've owned it a little over 2 years. The assistant service manager recommended I call Ford to see if they'd make an exception and take care of this for us or at least participate in the cost. I did and they gave me a case number. The lady told me to check with the dealer in a couple of days because they don't always check for new cases and they don't always contact the customers about them. So I did. I visited with the assistant service mgr again in person, he looked it up and said yep it's in there and now we just need to wait for someone to respond to it and he'd let me know. So I waited a week and hadn't heard from him so I stopped by in person again because he was never available when I'd call and he wouldn't return my messages either. He looked it up and said there still wasn't any update on the case so he was going to put in a request and for me to check back with him the next day (Saturday) or on Monday. Well I wasn't able to do that until yesterday (Tuesday) and his office was dark. One of the service dept clerks told me he was on vacation. So I asked for his boss, the service dept manager and luckily he was in his office. The service dept manager looked into the case and told me that Ford shouldn't have told me to check with the dealer because they know they are the ones that would need to authorize an exception to repair the APIM under warranty. The dealerships get an allowance amount from Ford to help out with customer repairs but the dealer has to follow the rules set by Ford and Ford's rules state that Ford isn't going to authorize that allowance money to be used for a warranty repair that's out of warranty. So he added his comments to the case and told me to call Ford back and see if they would do anything for me. He said even if they'd cover $10 of it then he'd be able to process it as a warranty job and I'd get a break on the cost. So today I called Ford back and the woman I spoke with told me Ford wasn't going to authorize anything for it because it was outside of the 5 year warranty. So after all the run-around I find out that I'm going to have to pay full price for this repair on a vehicle that has only a little over 48,000 miles on it to fix a part with known issues and in fact issues that are so bad that Ford had to extend the warranty on the part or risk losing a bunch of customers. It's going to cost about $860. I'm going to get it repaired so that I can sell this POS and then never buy another Ford again. And I told the Ford customer support lady that I was in the market for a truck but now I'll go with some other brand and I'll be posting plenty of negative comments about Fords online and steering as many people as I can away from them both online and in person. Ford has lost me as a customer and their decision to not help is going to end up costing them a lot more than the profit they'll make off of this one repair. This car is some kind of lemon. The power brake booster went out on it and we got that repaired last year for free because Ford had to extend the warranty on that part too. And the collision warning keeps giving false readings of the sensor being blocked so then we have no collision warning and no adaptive cruise control. But there's no extended warranty coverage for that POS part. It's a pain in the butt to try to navigate through that stupid little menu as you're driving down the road to switch to regular cruise control after the adaptive cruise shuts itself off. Even the assistant service manager at the Ford dealer said he doesn't know why they didn't just put a switch on steering wheel to be able to easily change from regular to adaptive cruise or why the vehicle doesn't just automatically switch from adaptive to regular cruise when that happens. These are not inexpensive little repairs and all of this tells me that Ford still isn't close to the quality they should be. So goodbye Ford, I won't ever buy another Ford, new or used.
  9. hi, I purchased an Edge a couple of years ago. My hubby would like to purchase a Fusion. I remember receiving a mailer that has a coupon on it to apply to a future purchase. Unfortunately I can not fine it. Are there any additional coupons, incentives, rebates for current owners of a Ford? Does anyone remember gettting a mailer with a coupon on it? Are there any other programs out there that will assist me in saving some money, while at the same time, purchasing a great safety car. Thank you
  10. I am currently a college student and for our Machine Elements class, we have a finite element analysis project. Essentially, we are supposed to create, or find, a 3D model of a door handle on our current car (we will be providing a picture of our door handle to prove it is our car) and determine the material and run a computer analysis determining the stressed incurred when somebody tries to open the door. I have a 2007 Ford Edge, but I believe that many, if not all, of the Ford Edge model years so far have the same handle. So now comes to my real questions, does anybody have anything I could use? Any information regarding 3D model files you may have (preferably Solidworks files), what the interior mechanisms used to connect the door handle are, the material the handle is made out of, or dimensions of the handle (so that if I must model the handle myself, I can do something more accurate than guesstimating, since the rounded parts of the door handle are very difficult to measure and model accurately, especially without taking the door apart)? Literally any information you can provide about the door handle will help. Thanks!
  11. Hi, we're new to the forums, actually we're new to Ford! Yes it's the first Ford we've ever owned. My wife ordered a 2013 Ford Edge Limited with the sienna interior about a week and a half ago. Now we can hardly wait! I think we're both a little nervous about the interior color choice though. Because she didn't care for the reddish stitching on the black leather seats. And we saw an Explorer with the pecan interior and thought that if it looked half as good as that it'll be very nice. So now for the waiting. Any suggestions while we wait? Lol. Thanks.
  12. I was looking at the powerpoint slides ford gave for the Deutsche Bank Global Auto Industry Conference in January, and noticed that the picture of the Edge show on Slide 9 looked totally different from the current one. It looks like an all new design. Did ford accidently leak the new Edge? Look for yourselves. http://corporate.ford.com/doc/ir_20130115_Deutsche_Bank_Global_Auto_Industry_Conference.pdf
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