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Found 29 results

  1. Okay. I am creating this thread because this form exists and anyone posting here is either requesting an X-Plan Pin or has some to give. Unfortunately, not many people seem to have them to give and too many people are asking for them..So, I've decided to share my solution for anyone requesting an X-Plan Pin. You can get one in as little as 5 minutes if you follow my instructions below. This will get you X-Plan Pin's for yourself and for members in your household (or to give away yourselves) Sound cool? Mystified? Good! You should be. Just follow the steps I mention below and you shouldn't get lost, it's easy! Let's get started: So how does this work? How am I going to get X-Plan Pins when I don't work for a company that gives them out or know anyone who can give me one? Well, there are other ways to get X-Plan Pins such as being apart of a membership group that offers them to their members. That is the key method this thread will discuss. Mustang Club of America (MCA) offers free X-Plan Pins to their members and becoming a member is quick, easy, and best of all worthwhile. You don't have to like mustangs, you don't have to buy a mustang, you don't even have to know what a mustang is to join this club. You just need to join it, be a member and out of all their membership perks, you only care about getting your X-Plan Pin. Now before you groan and say, "What?!?! I have to join something?! I'm leaving" Read the steps below first because it really isn't as big an issue as you may be thinking. But if you do want to leave right now, there will be plenty of X-Plan Pins for everyone else and good luck getting one illegally or by depending on strangers! STEP ONE Go to the Mustang Club of America (MCA) website and join the MCA! A one year membership is just $50. YES $50. I'm sorry but you will have to invest $50 bucks in order to save up to $3000+ on your new vehicle. http://www.mustang.o...-MCA-Membership STEP TWO Now that you are an official member go to Ford Partner and enter the MCA's Partner code. It is MC405. You will be entered into the X-Plan Partner Recognition website. Click "Generate My Pin" You will then be able to generate pins for yourself or for someone in your household. You can even generate pins for your business. https://www.fordpartner.com THAT'S IT! It's that easy. Were you expecting something more complicated? Anyone can get X-Plan Pins who wants them. Just follow the two steps above and you're good to go. Now, out of the kindness of my heart there are a couple things I want to share with you before you go on your merry way (fine print) You may think yourself clever to opt out of Step one and go directly to Step two. Generating X-Plan Pins without a Mustang Club of America membership is risky. If your dealer is smart they will ask for your membership information, papers, or to view your membership card...if you don't have that your X-Plan Pin will be rejected. Save yourself the heartache, save yourself the trouble, and save yourself the time AND money off your new car by joining the MCA for $50 so you are legally in the system and you will have NO problems using your X-Plan Pins. $50 to save thousands is as good as it gets. The TECHNICAL X-Plan requirement for getting pins through membership services is to have a [60-Day minimum membership] in order for your pins to be valid. Since your $50 is for a 12-month (365 days) membership you qualify. Requesting X-Plan pricing is something you are supposed to do BEFORE your vehicle is ordered. Waiting until the last minute to tell your dealer you want to pay with X-Plan Pins gives them subject to deny your request. So those of you picking up your car months after it was ordered, next week, or tomorrow... Make sure you speak to your dealer immediately. They have every right to deny you and say no. BUT with little effort you can easily convince a dealer to accept your pin just by swaying them. Tell them you have called around and other Fords are taking X-Plan pins for this vehicle and you are prepared to work with one of them if this dealer doesn't accept it. Your dealer should change his mind because he doesn't want to lose your business for something small he knows he can (and probably should) accept even though its "late" or the vehicle is in high demand. That's all I want to say for now. Good luck and let me know if you have any questions or comments. I'll be answering based on experience, not assumptions as this worked for me to get $2850 off my new 2013 Ford Fusion Hybrid. I really wanted a pin and no one was giving them so I took matters into my own hand. If for some reason you can't afford a $50 MCA membership, but you can afford a new $15K+ car then I hope you find a pin some other way! X-Plan pricing is amazing!
  2. Hey, I'd like to request an x-plan pin to buy a 2017 Mustang GT, any help would be appreciated. Thank you! Leo
  3. justinbixler

    2017 f-150 Pin Request

    Hello everyone, I was in the dealership today but could not come to a deal on a 2017 F-150 XLT 3.5LEco (they didn't have the max tow package I wanted). The salesman informed me that the factory rebates end tonight (unfortunately), and I should try for a X-Plan pin. Thanks a lot.
  4. Hi, I'm currently in a ford focus and looking to get a c-max or c-max energi in the next few weeks. If anyone has an x-plan pin available, I would be very grateful. Thank you!
  5. Looking to purchase a '17 Escape my '03 as served me well but it's time for something new. I'm new to the forum but heard that this section has been very helpful too many in aiding to purchase a new vehicle with X-plan PINs. Thanks in advance for considering to help. Regards, ~Andrew
  6. I don't know why I'm a bit hesitant to post this, but here it goes. There are several clubs whose membership benefits include the Ford x-plan deal. If you pay for a year's membership to one of these clubs, you can generate two PIN #'s per year yourself. Just from a quick google search I found these clubs: Mustang Club of America = $50. You don't have to own a Mustang. (http://www.mustang.org/) Experimental Aircraft Association = $40. Not sure on requirements. (https://www.eaa.org/eaa) American Society of Radiologic Technologists = unknown, may need to be an actual Radiologist. SVT Owners Association = $40. Not sure on requirements. (http://www.svtoa.com/) etc.... So, if you do a Google search for "membership ford x-plan", these 4 came up on the first page alone. I didn't go past the first page, so I'm not sure how many groups exist. Once you are a member, you can immediately generate a PIN. One thing, by the rules of Ford, you must be a member for 60 days before you can use the x-plan, but, this is something between Ford and the dealership and you need to ask the dealer if they're cool with honoring the x-plan before the 60 days if that's when you're ready to purchase. Good luck.
  7. Good Evening, I've been researching on how to save more about getting my first 2015 Ford Mustang and I came across Ford's X-Plan. Upon reading so many websites, forums, etc. about it, I have came across BlueOvalForums.. It's pleasure to be here and I'm learning more about the Ford family and I'm glad to see that Ford employees are helping other people. This weekend 12/20/14, I am buying a 2015 Ford Mustang EcoBoost Fastback at a local dealership here in Los Angeles. I already confirmed with the dealership if they approve Ford X-Plans and they do. It would be great to have the additional savings I would get from the X-Plan. I'm hoping that someone contacts me through my email at mikepenaranda@gmail.com by Friday. Thank you and have a great evening.
  8. Sorry if this is in the wrong forum, but didn't know where else to post it. Where can I find X-Plan prices for 2015 SUV's?? I want to order a 2015 Expedition, but have no idea what X-Plan price will be. And is X-Plan pricing really that great any more?? My son, who is eligible for X-Plan through his job with BOA, just bought a 2015 Explorer. He got $1,200 under invoice, which was about $1,600 below X-Plan. He still got all the available rebates, an above market trade, and really didn't have to negotiate that hard.
  9. I am a very loyal Ford buyer, and have owned Fords my entire life. 1966 Mustang (which I still have), four different Explorers, and two (working on three) different Expeditions. I am planning on ordering my 2015 Expedition as soon I receive an X-Plan Pin. I purchased my current vehicle (a 2009 Expedition) using an X-Plan PIN I received from a posting on this forum. I would be very grateful if one of you would please forward me an X-Plan Pin. Please email me at ed@bohnslav.com and I will give you the necessary SSN and other details you need. Thanks in advance!! Ed Bohnslav Virginia Beach, Virginia
  10. Hi, I am hoping to get a helping hand with a pin for a 2014 Ford Fusion titanium. I went to the dealership and explained that I was interested in the Costco auto program but was referred to a dealer an hour away. The salesman insisted that they do the same thing there...it's called x-plan. I think he was mistaken, it may be a similar pricing but what I was trying for was the Costco auto program. We test drove worked on a deal based on the x-plan price and I even gave them a deposit. They then asked me to provide a pin for the x-plan price..I was so confused. I didn't know what the plan was and where I could obtain a pin. I thought they were just doing the Costco deal where I show my member card and get a pre-negotiated price (usually slightly below invoice). Anyway I like the car, I like the deal, but they are asking me for a pin. Can anyone help me out? Thanks! -Brandon
  11. Hi, I'm going to buy a brand new 2014 Ford escape S this month. Is there anyone help me get an X-plan pin? Please kindly contact me through li.j1987@gmail.com or PM. Thank you very much.
  12. Active duty Sailor pre-approved and ready to buy and support the american truck industry! Requesting an X-Plan pin for an F-150 Lariat with the V-6 EcoBoost. Best way to contact me because I check my email religiously is mikemikulak@yahoo.com. Thanks ahead of time.
  13. Hello all, I was wondering if someone still had a PIN available for the year? I'm going to purchase in the next two days, before month's end hopefully! The PIN will ensure I can make the deal on the F-150 that I truly want Vs. the other brand I can afford. When I was 18, I purchased my first vehicle... a basic Ford F-150 XLT, silver with a dark purple tone stripe at the bottom and a honeycomb grill. I loved that truck, but it was underpowered with that V6 for the work my father constantly was asking me to help with ;-). In my heart, I regret trading it in, in a moment of weakness for a "muscle car". I've never loved another vehicle. All I've had are cars since, because the prices on these trucks jumped dramatically. I remember in the heyday of 1999 when gas was cheap, these would go $21K with the supercab door rear seats, leather and a cassette player! My car was recently totaled, it was brand new with 7,400 miles and babied. I would like to get back into a Ford F-150. Thank you for your time!
  14. HI! SO glad I found this forum! I'm hoping someone out there wants to see me in a new Escape SEL with the 2L EcoBoost engine! I test drove one the other night and love how the new escape handles- much better than its predecessor! Anyway, I'm hoping to visit the dealership tonight and to take possession before the end of July. Please email or PM and I'll reply promptly. THANKS!!
  15. I am already approved for financing on a Ford Taurus that I would like to purchase this weekend (4 days from now). This will be our first Ford purchase as a family. If anyone can supply a PIN, my wife, 15-month-old daughter and I would be extremely grateful!
  16. My Taurus is on it's last legs. I can't complain as I'm pushing 200K miles ... I'm looking to get a Fusion Hybrid in the next two weeks and I would Greatly appreciate your help! Thanks, Mike
  17. Hello, X-plan PIN request for my first Ford truck please. Family man with two young ones but SUV no longer fits with our outdoor recreation lifestyle. Any help by way of a PIN would be enormously appreciated.
  18. My girlfriend is looking to pick up a Ford Escape. We went to the dealer this weekend and she test drove the SE model 1.6 4WD. It's either this or a Honda CR-V. Dealer quoted her 25,900 for the SE with no additional frills, which judging from Ford's website, seems about MSRP. She is a teacher so she does get "special" pricing through NEA, but I'm not so sure it's all that special. If someone has an X-Plan PIN they can spare, please PM me. If someone can provide the price for X-plan of a 2013 Ford Escape 1.6L 4WD in Kodiak Brown/Black, that would really help as well! Thanks! -Matt
  19. Just sold my Nissan so that I can get me a new Ford Explorer. If anyone has a pin to share it would be much appreciated. Thank ya much!
  20. I'm just curious, what's to stop somebody from ordering a car to be built through multiple dealers? I ask because there are so many cut throat dealers out there that even after you order your car they're trying to get you to order through them instead. Seems to me if somebody did that but didn't cancel their original order there should be some type of repercussions? Do dealers even care, because they'll just end up getting the car and selling it anyway. Would love to hear from dealers and people who have experienced this type of situation.
  21. I was hoping somebody would be willing to give me a PIN so I can build a new Fusion Titanium Hybrid. I'd like to order it soon so I can have it early next year. I was a winner for one of the RandomActsofFusion.com "Big Acts" a few months ago and had a great trip, got to meet Trevor Bayne and ride in the new Fusion around the Charlotte Motor Speedway after a Nascar Sprint Cup Race. It was AMAZING! The only drawback is now that we got to take that trip and it didn't cost anything to go, I'm going to get hit with the taxes on it (flight alone was nearly $10k) which is going to really hurt the down payment I had saved up originally. Getting a bit of a discount off of MSRP would be really helpful in getting the car I've been dreaming about since last May. Any help would be appreciated. Merry Christmas!
  22. Welcome to the X-Plan P.I.N. request section. In order to make your P.I.N. request possible, please note the following: 1) DO NOT request an X-Plan PIN unless you intend to use it within 30 days. After 30 days, your unused X-Plan PIN will be CANCELED. If you are not going to use your PIN, please contact the person who issued it so that it can be canceled. If you fail to use or cancel an X-Plain PIN, you will not be issued a new one to your social security number. 2) Please open a new topic for each P.I.N. request. P.I.N. requests are for retail customers only! Dealers and wholesalers are PROHIBITED from requesting an X-Plan P.I.N. 3) It is strictly against Ford Motor Company policy for anyone to charge for an X-Plan PIN. All X-Plan PINS are provided free of charge. 4) Please post what kind of vehicle the P.I.N. is for. Dealers often visit the boards and may be able to assist you. 4) Please make sure your PM and E-mail functions are turned on. Most P.I.N. request responses are made via PM or E-mail. The operation of these functions can be found under "My Controls" toward the top of each forum page, to the right of where you login. 5) BEFORE a P.I.N. request can be fulfilled, you may be required to supply the following information: Your name, address, e-mail address and the last four digits of your social security number. IMPORTANT - Do not post your personal information on these forums. Only supply the last four (4) digits of your social security number. As always, be careful who you share your personal information with. 6) We'd love to hear from you! Please come back and post of picture of your new vehicle and share your experience with us. smile.gif PIN Types A-Plan PIN Provides the best price on any of the Ford family of brands to eligible employee family members, including grandparents of both the employee and the spouse Z-Plan PIN Is identical of the A-PLAN, but provides the best price on any of the Ford family of brands to eligible retired employee family members instead of active employees. X-Plan PIN Extends discount pricing to friends and neighbors of employees as well as Ford supplies and other business partners (through the Partnership Recognition Program). Businesses are eligible for the X-Plan by contacting AZX Plan Program Headquarters and providing an X-Plan PIN for a vehicle titled in the company's name. D-Plan PIN Applies to dealer employees and their family members. Did you know? If each employee helped to sell just one vehicle per year, Ford would sell an additional 350,000 units and Ford's market share would increase by two points! Source: Ford World. 13 August. Last updated 02 Jan 2012
  23. Ready to pull the trigger on a 2013 Explorer Limited looking for an X- plan pin. Thanks, Martin.
  24. Hello, I am requesting a pin for Ford x-plan...my father is wanting to trade in his F150 and wanting a new 2013 F150. I typed in Ford x-plan and this site came up, I am suprised that this could even be true. I think it's awesome that you guys do this and would be very appreciative for the pin. I wish I would have found this site when I purchased my 2011 F150. Thank you
  25. I recently pre-ordered a 2013 Ford Focus ST from my dealer back in Mid-August, 2012. I locked in the Z-plan as a ford factory worker's family member. Bad news is my grandfather is now hospitalized and bothering him to register me for the pin is out of the question. I know my dealer will honor the X-Plan if I can get a pin. If not, I'll have to cancel my order and most likely forfeit my deposit. Any assistance would be a huge break for me. I know I can't pay anybody for the pin, but I don't know if gifts are allowed? I'll re-read the terms and conditions, but I'm scheduled to get a go-pro HD2 camera with my pre-order and I have no problems giving that to whoever helps me save a couple K$$$. I can respond to PM's or emails with my information if I get any replies. Thanks, BlacknBlue2002