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Ford B-Max Review: Motor Trend

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First Look: Ford B-Max

Look Ma, No B-Pillar! Fiesta-Based Microvan Features Pillarless Door Concept


Ford BMax Forum - By removing the B-pillar on its B-Max microvan, Ford not only widened the entryway into its new people-mover, but also hopes the innovation will help Ford widen the distance between itself and the competition in the European-market microvan space. The B-Max making its world debut at the Geneva show is serving as a showcase of the versatility of Ford's B-segment platform, which underpins the new Fiesta.


The B-Max's pillarless construction, combined with the twin sliding doors a la the Mazda5, offers an opening that's nearly 5 feet wide when the traditional front doors are open and the rear doors are slid fully back. According to Ford, that's around twice the size offered by the competition, making it easier to strap in child seats, and easier for full-size adults to get to the back row without convoluted gymnastics. And the best part is, the pillarless design is production-ready - it's clear Ford intends to use it.



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The B-Max is built off the same chassis as the Fiesta. It's about 4 inches longer than the Fiesta hatchback and a foot shorter than the C-Max crossover currently on its way to the U.S. Ford is aiming the B-Max at the urban dweller who finds the S-Max too large but still wants similar interior space and packaging.


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