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I scraped my 2010 Grand Marquis against a concrete parking garage pilar. Some scratches to the paint and bodyside moldings. Nothing serious but I took it to the dealer to have the scratches fixed and the molding replaced. Well, the door moldings fell off and while I was looking at the back door (passenger side) I noticed a hole, covered by a flexible, vinyl like substance, body colored. This couldn't possibly be a factory hole, could it? I am wondering why the factory would drill a hole through the back door sheet metal and cover it with a vinyl thingy. I am thinking the body shop drilled the hole and then covered it, painted it and then put the molding over it. Seems bizarre. Can anyone help? I bought the car new.

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yes done at the factory ,sealed and painted so it will not rust , some were covered with a black sticky then the BSM was installed over that , on DSO the sticky was deleted


striker is the part that sticks out and goes in the latch


I trhought we used that hole for mounting the door , but I never worked in body so not 100% certain , but put hundreds of stickys over that dam hole ...lol

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Please be patient with me, you threw me with the striker comment. The hole I am talking about is in the door skin, about 8 inches in from the leading edge of the back door, and no where near the door striker and latch assembly. If that hole was used for mounting the door, then it would be in both back doors? Then how did they mount the front doors, there are no holes in them.


Also, what is a "DSO"? Thanks again!

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yes thats the hole !! ...correct about the striker it is no where near it , ( and the stiker is on the body with the latch being in the door ) but as I said I never worked body so not sure 100% what we used it for , maybe Buffalo stamping used it when making the door .


Why we put a sticker ( which is black and oval about the size of a toonie ) over it I have no idea ..we just did , ( i belive we deleted this in the last few years of production ) then it was covered with the body side molding


DSO ...dealer special order ( Police units and so forth )


yes it is in both back doors


front doors were mounted by useing a jig / lift which grabed the whole door and then we screwed the hinges to the body ( i had a buddy that did this so I saw how this was done )



Go to the STAP facebook page you will get more assemblers there to answer your questions

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