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The Ford Order Tracking System Is No Longer Available.  THANKS Cyberdman For Making Available All Of These Past Years.  More Here.

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As for the Mustang hood bubbling....I had an accident in my 2006 GT about a year and a half after I got it, and had a new hood installed at a body shop and it still bubbled up, so its not an Assembly plant issue.

I'm talking assembly as in crimping the two stampings together- I would assume sealant is applied right after crimp to prevent corrosion where the folded edges meet/likely cut thru any surface treatments. I never actually thought about hoods being shipped as already crimped assemblies sealed or not, to AAI... maybe.

still in my opinion had the edges been sealed fully, they never woulda corroded. I have yet to see a picture that showed corrosion STARTING where the edge was properly sealed- they always start in unsealed areas, then it races under the paint in every direction...had they sealed the full perimeter properly (unlike last years auto show pics that showed they sealed outside the seam edges in multiple places achieving nothing...) we would not have seen any more hood issues than the other 99% of the cars on the roads...instead we are seeing the majority of mustangs having paint failures on the hoods.


with what I took pictures of on the auto show F150s, I predict in 2~3 years theres going to be a flood of unhappy Ford customers. Fords seam sealing is the sloppiest/most random on the market from what I saw. I just want them to do better.

there was a F350 duallie at the show that every seam was sealed nicely on, it was finished 'right' to my nit-picking/corrosion hating eyes... the F150s were a freaking mess...jagged edges, some sealed, some not, dirt under paint, corrosion around fender bolts- come on- these are 40-60 thousand dollar vehicles.


hats off to whatever plant built that F350- shouda got the vin to find the assembly location and sent them a 'good job' comment card... the F150? in my opinion final assembly QC needs serious retraining on what a acceptable ceanliness/sealing/paint process looks like on most other makes. I'm a Ford guy, have been all my life- but the quality of sealing/painting work being done on the F150 wouldnt fly in china. If enough of us bitch, they will do better. share pics, I'm gonna start putting them on chevy forums too. make a big enough stink, get folks to start looking at edges when they open a door or hood, guarantee you within a year or two we wont see any more jagged/missed/cracked/unpainted/tape painted to/dirt under the paint type of thing anymore.


ford guy or not, I'm gonna be a vocal thorn in their side till they get these vehicles as good as the rest on the market. sorry, but when I had to scrape bubbled off paint from my 4 mile 2009 mustang hood last fall, it broke something... when my 06 went, when the wifes 07 went...didnt bug me THAT bad- but that 09 has only seen water twice - it is just totally fucking wrong that Ford has been sticking good customers with 'unfixable' problems due solely to shoddy panel assembly processes. I will absolutely DEMAND better before I ever buy another- I know Ford CAN do it, if it costs them a extra nickle or a extra fifty bucks a car to do it correctly I could care less. I buy cars to keep a long time and not to watch properly cared for factory based paint bubble off after 2-3 years(or ten for that matter). the mustang hood paint problem was/is bullshit- from what I see they might well be committing business suicide on the F150. look at the pics- this aint good enough guys...

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both mustang convertibles were 'sealed' this way under the trunklid- fastbacks were good on this seam, verts, sloppy as hell...
16159248363_772069a222_z.jpgvert seam1 by ford4v429, on Flickr

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