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Rich B.

Only my opinion......

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Wish more info was present on the Mustang Forums other than tracking orders. Still strongly believe it's about the journey- destination can be disappointing. Way better thinking with unknown anticipation, must be other things to do in the meanwhile.


An example was when we ordered our 2014 Fiesta Platinum no less. That was assembled in Mexico and rail shipped to ME. The car will get to its destination when it gets there, patience is a virtue. So if I think of something will just post over. Also they do a great job on assembling across the border.

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I understand where you are coming from, however, a counterpoint from someone currently waiting for a Mustang GT to be built is that part of the custom ordering in the age of the internet should be to be more involved in the process. If I could go in and watch I would take time off from work and go the day/s that it will be assembled on. But since that is not possible We are only left with knowing the dates.

That being said I agree with you completely that the forum should be for more than tracking.

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