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Inoperable cargo light with slider


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I did some searching here and on other sites. Going to my dealer as well. Just purchased a 2020 T250 base high roof well equipped (for a cargo van), which has 300 miles on it. 

Here is the situation. If my van has been sitting for any length of time more than 30 minutes while unlocked....open the sliding door and no interior lights come on. I can close the sliding door, open it back up, close it nothing happens as far as interior lighting. Go to the rear cargo door open it, and lights function normally. Close the rear door and they go out as they are intended. So long as I return to the sliding door AFTER having opened the rear door, the interior lights will come on, and go off opening and closing the sliding door. Walk away letting the van sit without locking it, return to the van 30 minutes later and the process repeats itself. I can never get the interior lighting to function with the sliding door if this van sits longer than 30 minutes. So long as I open ANY of the other doors than close them, let the lights go out, and head to the sliding door they will come on, and go off normally. It is as though this van gets stupid and the sliding door switch will not "wake up" the bcm to command lighting to turn on. I have played with all 3 settings on the switch at the front dome light, none of which seem to change the affect. This for me, being that I use my sliding door 9 out of 10 times I need to enter it, is a real concern. If this is normal for this van I will be very upset with it for certain. Thank anyone who responds in advance. Thank you for allowing me to join the site. Looking forward to learning. 

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