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Hello everyone!! 

While traveling on a busy highway today the dashboard on my 2016 Lincoln MKZ Hybrid lit up like a dash board before ‘dying all of a sudden’ & giving me all of 15-20 yards to stop before the vehicle ceased to function. I’ve had it towed to the dealership because I thought I was under warranty. Turns out that warranty expired 2/5/22! I had *zero* warning signs to expect this. I am a young woman without any male guidance but have always had amazing support in ownership forums. After doing a bit of researching it looks like perhaps it may be a cooling/water pump issue? Still waiting on diagnostics, so no codes to share yet. 

Sequence of events after stall out:

-no power whatsoever 

-after 30 min a spontaneous power on; lasted < 1 min 

-able to get the car in neutral from there and steer off to a parking lot. 
-another 15 min and vehicle powered on to give the dashboard notices (attached) and notice for “full accessory active” use; no heating, AC, or driving abilities 

-another 15 min attempted power cycle finally showed a ready to drive but it was still unable to drive 


Logistic history:

-would go to start car in the mornings with no power on abilities whatsoever/random dead batteries 2-3x in past 2 years; resulted in the 12v battery replacement recently (~5 months) 

-trunk seal and other seals replaced after some water was getting in 

-trunk popping/closing mechanism replaced 

I’m an elementary school teacher so I’m trying to prepare myself for what I may encounter budget wise. If anyone has any experience with a dealership extending a grace period or good will extension I would love guidance on that.


Thanks for your thoughts! Diagnostic turn around is backed up at dealer. Will update when I hear back


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