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MY2023 Aviator Order Timeline Tracking thread

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I seen this done for the 22 Navigator and thought I would do the same for the MY23 Aviator. (Sorry if this has been done already and I missed it, if that's the case, point me in that direction!)


I will update the thread for each major milestone (VIN # available, scheduled for production, window sticker available, vehicle control options visible in Lincoln App, build completed, vehicle shipped, delivered, and picked up)


If you anyone has any MY23 Aviator's on order, post your timelines below so we can help each other out and gauge the progress of these vehicles. Current Job 1 production is set for 6/27 per most recent Fleet Bulletin.

2023 Aviator Reserve AWD - Infinite Black - Roast Interior - Aluminum Applique - rear bucket seats with full center console

Reserve 1 201A Package
Elements Package

Class IV Tow package
Illumination Package

Technology Package

Jet Package


Ordered from dealer on 5/10 with Priority Code of 19


Received Email from Lincoln confirming order on 5/13


Aviator Exterior.jpg

Aviator Interior.jpg

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MY2023 Lincoln Aviator GT PHEV - Infinite Black - Roast Interior - rear bucket seats with full center console

Reserve 1 301A Package
Elements Package

Dynamic handling Package

Illumination Package

  • Ordered on 4/13/2022
  • Got email today about production scheduling  -  week of July 11, 2022. (tracking button not working)


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Update: this might not be my order after all. I had ordered a REserve with a different deale4 and then cancelled it because I wanted a Grand Touring. that order was on April 9. I will leave it here so that folks can track the progress of a Reserve


I don't have any update yet on my Grand touring which was ordered on April 13

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Further update:


I now have got my Actual Order update. Note that this refers to the Grand Touring. I even have a VIN


Order Date: 4/09/2022 (Note the over one month difference between Reserve and Grand Touring)

Production Week Date : 08/22/2022

Lincoln Aviator Grand Touring

  • Equipment Group 301A
  • Dynamic Handling PAckage
  • Middle Row Captain's chairs with full rear console



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