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2020 Aviator Reserve AWD - DTC U3000:01

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I have a 2020 Lincoln Aviator Reserve AWD vehicle that I've had tons of troubles with.  the latest is a DTC U3000:01 read out using ForScan.  I am well versed in diagnosing the systems using OBD-II software and I understand that a U code is a network/wiring issue in the CAN Bus, specfically a control module fault.  From what I've been able to discern, it is likely a door control module.  I cant find any information on the sub-code, 01.  I know that the latchassembly is monitored by the door module, as well as other areas of the door.  I've read that a lot of people have had latch issues, so i'm suspicious.  Would just like to know what the sub code -01 means.   Any assistance is greatly appreciated.

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