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Selling my 11 Transit Connect XLT $4,500


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Hello all,


I made the 9K goal I had over the last 6 month working part time gig work and now I am selling my TC to get my next toy! I still drive the TC whenever it rains/snows, or I have a gig work. With this nice summer weather I find myself in my convertible the majority of the time, (like today) so the van sits lol. I am really impressed with how well the TC does in the snow. I totally get why people like these little vans. The fact that they drive like cars and have solid gas mileage is what sold me. Anyway, the van needs some work even though I drive this a few hundred miles weekly. 


Wok needed

Fuel pump,

The lock issue that says the door is open sometimes when it is not and some times you have to hit the key fob lock multiple times to get all the door to lock.

It has a power steering leak that is random. Sometimes I have to add fluid weekly, Some times daily and other times its every few months. It's weird.I have not had to add any since April and I checked it yesterday. Maybe it's the stop leak fluid???

Transmission service. I notice at times its not as smooth as it should be downshifting.

It has a cracked front windshield that I haven't fixed. I planned to replace it, but then decided to let the next owner replace the glass. (unless I get pulled over for the crack then I will replace it.)

Rear mirror back up camera stopped working. It randomly works when it wants. Green light comes on and it beeps, but the camera display randomly works.


Thats all I know thus far. I am not a mechanic, however you are free to have any mechanic look at the van by appointment. I am in Maryland and travel between Harford Cnty and AA Cnty, Maryland. Sundays after 11am is the best day to see this Van, but I may be able to get free from work a few hours during the week.  The van comes with TWO good spare tires and rims. One under the van and I have an extra one in storage. Spare tire lift works like it should. Van has the standard radio with aux. Van also has the rear cage that protects your cargo from flying up to the driver/passenger area during hard breaking, or an accident. No rips, or holes in the seats. I am going to clean up the inside of the van this Sunday and take better pictures of the inside. 


This van is ready to make money, or be turned into a camper, etc. A few days ago on my lunch break I made $39 picking up and driving two boxes 7.5 miles. (see picture) 


I know you have to do some repairs, so I will consider reasonable offers. Ask any questions you have and I will do my best to answer them.





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