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  1. Good Morning akirby, do you still do vehicle order checks for people? I have a new order out that I would like a status check thanks Jack


    1. akirby


      Sorry I’ve never done that.  There is a vehicle tracking forum under the employee section but you must follow the rules exactly.

  2. would like help on this please Dealer code F41360, order code 9211 , 2021 F-150 supercrew 4x4
  3. jp1035

    2015 F-150

    could I get an update please? Thanks! order# 2001 Dealer# F41476
  4. jp1035

    2015 F-150

    Any news this week? thanks
  5. Hey Cyberdman Well I got another one ordered, could ya check it please : Order# 2001 Dealer code: F41476X Thanks Jack
  6. jp1035

    tracking request

    Status check please on F41153/2108 VIN 1FTFX1ET1CFA10598
  7. jp1035

    tracking request

    please check status of F41153/2108 VIN 1FTFX1ET1CFA10598 Thanks. finally got the sticker to come up
  8. jp1035

    tracking request

    CYBERDMAN, I tried to find the window sticker w/ that vin# , I tried both url's plus a coupla other places. no go??
  9. jp1035

    tracking request

    disregard this double post
  10. Please check out this order for me. Thanks order# 2108 dealer code 41Y153
  11. Please check out this order for me. order# 2108
  12. jp1035

    X-plan Pin

    got one
  13. jp1035

    X-plan Pin

    Still looking for a pin, When are they usually given to employes? Thanks Jack
  14. jp1035

    X-plan Pin

    Hi everyone, I am in need of a pin# for an order out F-150 for my good friend and neighbor ,have his info etc. Thanks if you can help out.
  15. jp1035

    F-150 that can plow snow

    Anyone have any news on the snow plow fix if any yet?