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  1. 2 minutes ago, fuzzymoomoo said:

    This would be AWESOME. Jeep wouldn't be able to match that at all. 

    Love the green light thinking. Please Jeebus let this be true. 


    As I said with PD privately, perhaps in interviewing potential buyers, Ford may have identified that as a weakness in Wrangler - that you have to go all the way up the ladder price wise to get certain offroading options - and as I've definitely seen over at Bronco6g, there are a lot of guys over there hellbent on having an absolute base model but with the offroading goodies.


    It really does make a ton of sense, and it'll be interesting to see.


    Only thing is, I can see Dean's head spinning from a dealer's perspective if there's a ton of different combos available before you even get to factory accessories.

  2. 3 minutes ago, silvrsvt said:


    I'm wondering with Ford''s mantra of making the build part of things simpler, that alot of options are going to be put on post build in the new trim plant?


    I'm trying to figure out how they can make trim levels different-but I'd assume that there wouldn't be that much difference in material types on the Bronco interior. 







    Well, it also sounds like they're wanting to offer a ton of factory accessories from the get go, which sound separate from these "trim levels", so that's what I think is more in line for that trim plant.

  3. Yup, my example was how FX4 can now be had as an option across the F-150 lineup - perhaps they'll just have equipment option groups (your typical 200A, 300A, 401A, etc) that build upon a "base" trim, and then you could have the option of tacking say the Badlands package on any model regardless of how many features you want.


    My thought was that each package could be geared more toward a different type of offroading - (ex. Badlands = rock crawling oriented, Big Bend = desert geared, etc), so that people could pick their ideal setup without being locked into particular trim levels or having to pay top dollar to get a particular type of offroad setup.


    Just speculation right now, but a potential idea.


    Though I also noticed that earlier interior spy shots showed models with the smaller screen (indicating a lower model) that had the full complement of dash top mounted switches, whereas the photos from yesterday showed a more optioned model (with the bigger screen), but was missing some buttons on the upper dash - don't know if that's proof of this theory or not, but at minimum, it means that particular offroad features don't appear to be locked to technology features.

  4. 15 hours ago, T-dubz said:

    do customer orders get built before dealer stock? I thought they usually pumped out high optioned versions for the dealers, then customer orders, but honestly I have no idea.


    I meant even more simply than that - that if you have an earlier place in line, you'll get it earlier than if you wait to order one.


    5 hours ago, Twin Turbo said:

    Would you say that screen in the Bronco is the same size as in the F150? To me, they look as if they have the same width, but the Bronco one looks shorter in height. Could just be a trick of the camera, but it definitely looks a little smaller in the Bronco. Perhaps it's because the Bronco's one is slightly inset?



    Screen A.jpg

    Screen B.jpg


    I think it's the same size screen.


    45 minutes ago, fuzzymoomoo said:

    So glad I got off Facebook 


    Yeah, I don't need to see Karen posting about how she went to Starbucks this morning and asked to see the manager.


    I've always viewed it as an "I'll post on if I do something special/out of the ordinary (like a trip or something)" - otherwise, meh.  Don't need to read fake articles about all sorts of things.

  5. 9 minutes ago, Donaldo said:


    I'm having trouble understanding what advantages there are to putting down a $100 deposit for a vehicle that isn't in production yet. It won't be a limited production vehicle like the GT, where buyers are hand selected by Ford. It seems to me that trying to get to the front of the line will just encourage dealers to charge full MSRP plus ADM for the 'privilege' of having an early production Bronco. Or do I have this all wrong?  


    You get it sooner.

  6. 36 minutes ago, bzcat said:


    Yes, the Taiwanese Kuga ST-Line front end is the same (or nearly identical) to the European ST-Line. It's not the same as the US version. Basically, Ford Taiwan by virtue of being the last production site to start Kuga, had its choice of front ends and I think they made the best decision and picked the best from the list of possible options:


    1. US version (looks a bit cheap in my opinion)

    2. EU regular version (similar to US version but with better details)

    3. Chinese version (looks much more upscale)

    4. EU ST-Line version (looks more sporty than both US and EU regular versions)


    BTW, it's not just the front end. Look at the side plastic trim and rear bumper too. The US version is just huge expanse of drab black plastic molding. The Taiwanese Titanium version has chrome accents that breaks up the black and makes it look more upscale. And of course ST-Line with body colored side molding and rear bumper has a dramatic different look than the US or EU regular version. 


    If I'm Ford US and looking at option to fix Escape appearance, I think I will launch the ST-Line immediately as an alternative to Titanium, and make the body color trim and rear bumper as an appearance package on SE Sport and SEL. Then I would add the Taiwanese Titanium side trim to the SEL and Titanium trim level so make it look more upscale. 






    That rear bumper is no different than ours.  They do have a small chrome piece on the lower doors, though.

  7. 33 minutes ago, silvrsvt said:

    Another thing to consider-Just use the Focus and Escape as an example since they share the same architecture. 


    Say you have $500 (a number I pulled out of my ass..I know its more like a Billion or so) to spend on a new product like C class product.


    Do you spend $100-150 of that to come out with a sedan/hatchback or do you just spend $50 bucks to come out with something like a Bronco Sport? Which product is going to deliver more profits?


    That's not entirely fair guesstimate though, as Focus (at least hatch) already exists for ROW/Europe.

  8. 16 hours ago, bzcat said:


    Or Ford could offer both... We are just talking about different front bumper and grille... If F-150 has 13 grilles, Escape can survive with 2. In fact, Ford Taiwan does just that - you can get both flavors of Kuga: The more upscale looking one on Titanium and the regular one on the ST-Line. 






    I personally don't think that bigger grille looks any better - however, I do agree that the red one on the left with the different/more detailed fog light area looks better than our Escape.  The one little fog light (or black plastic fill panel on lower trims) looks cheap/unfinished, or at best, less sophisticated.


    This is the brand new Ford Kuga | Top Gear

    2020 Ford Escape Reviews, Ratings, Prices - Consumer Reports


    Hmm, I just realized that the grilles are different as well - the Kuga's goes up higher all the way to that crease that ours has.

  9. 39 minutes ago, T-dubz said:

    What direction do you think ford will take with the escape?


    I think most people will find the sport to be the better looking vehicle of the two, there are a few question marks about the sport that I think could affect its sales though, size and price. I think one of the issues for the escape sales is price and with sport supposedly being more expensive, that could affect its sales. Size is also another concern, for me at least. All the auto websites have been comparing it to the renegade or compass. Some on these forums have compared it to the size of the previous gen escape. All of those seem too small. One of the biggest complaints about the old escape was rear seat legroom and that’s why the current escape has the sliding rear seat. Not having the same legroom and sliding seat seems like it could be a big mistake for the sport. I personally would have liked to see the sport being slightly larger than the current escape.


    It's essentially the Escape with a boxy body.  So it'll presumably be the same size inside as the latest Escape.