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    2020 Super Duty Chassis Cab Order Guide

    Thanks for posting.
  2. Big Twin Bob

    2020 Super Duty Production Information

    Thanks for the updated information.
  3. Big Twin Bob

    2020 Super Duty Production Information

    Has there been any updates on when the order banks will open on the 2020 Super Duties? I know a couple of people who are itching to get there 2020 orders started even if they have to wait awhile for the truck. Thanks.
  4. Big Twin Bob

    X-Plan PIN Request for 2011 Edge

    PIN no longer needed. My sister purchased a 2011 SEL FWD Edge. Thanks, Bob
  5. Big Twin Bob

    X-Plan PIN Request for 2011 Edge

    Update... The dealer has found a car for my sister. It is a 2011 SEL AWD Edge, with the 202A package and the color is Bordeaux Reserve Red. She would like to purchase this vehicle early this week if at all possible, and a X-Plan PIN would definitely make it happen. I should have stated this in the original post. She not a twenty-something fresh out of school. She is a 30 year old, who decided a couple of years ago to go back to school for her nursing degree. This would be her first brand new vehicle as she used the spare family car during high school. After graduation in 1998, she bought a used '95 Probe SE, which drove for six years and 80k miles. (Great job by the people at Flat Rock on that car. It didn't have an issue in all the years she owned it.) In 2004 she bought a 2000 Chevy Blazer, which is now on its last legs, thus the need for a different vehicle. Thanks for your consideration, Bob
  6. My sister, a recently graduated nurse, is looking to purchase a new Edge. After a couple of years of hard work and sacrifice, I would like to help her out by finding a generous person that is willing to provide her an X-Plan PIN. Thank you very much, Bob