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  1. BS, You are correct. The difference is that you do not have Intelligent Adaptive Cruise Control turned on. Those sidelines are there when IACC is on and active. Pressing the stalk button changes nothing that I can see in the display, therefore can't tell if on or off. (I'll check more closely in the morning.) Thanks.
  2. Thank-you, case closed. (...🤪 color me embarrassed)
  3. ...but does the steering wheel shudder?
  4. Disregard- switch on stalk. WARNING - First 100 mi+ drive 2020 ST w/Tech and Street - I ran off the road - No Lane Departure Warning ALERT, not much AID. To be short - in no configuration, setting, mode, or speed does the "Lane Departure Warning" work at all. ZERO wheel shake - and I've had Ford Escapes (2013, 2014, 2017) with "Lane Departure Alert" so I know how it works & how it feels. Attached is a video. (I killed the sound of my wife's screams.) PJ 2019-10-21-Almost.mp4
  5. PajamaGuy

    2020 ST First 500 miles.

    Well now, I've gotten smarter. If you set the differential to +5. In a 50 mph zone, if you go 55, it's steady. At 56 it will start to flash and not stop until you are under 56. But, if you set the differential to say +9, it won't flash until you get to 60...etc.
  6. PajamaGuy

    2020 ST First 500 miles.

    Ak, I've read it, twice. I do run the offset +9 mph. What bugs me is that at 74, the 65 mph speed limit sign flashes until I go under 65. It's annoying. PJ
  7. (disclaimer.....I reeeeaaaallly love this car) ST w/Tech & Street, Star White, ordered 7/6, delivered 10/15) And I drove 'em all hard. Coming off 3 Escapes ('13, '14, '17) which I thought, and still do think were in the class of the best I've driven, I wasn't expecting the Explorer to feel as nimble, yet sure-footed. Sheeeeeit! The Great: This sucker goes. It's not only the 400/415, but the key is the 10-speed. I've only been to 120 mph so far, but from 0-to-120 the engine never left the power band. I haven't had the chances to show it off from the line, but for those poor few, all they saw was my ass end. We have some pretty wicked on/off ramps around here. The Escapes were scary-fast around the tightening-radius corners. They would lean a bit and start to push very controllable. Through my favorite on-ramp a few times so far, I have yet to feel the "edge". I push the throttle and the ST goes faster.......but stays flat, no tire squeal, no drift, no sphincter-tightening, and seems to say, "C'mon you wuss, give me some more!" This ST drives more effortlessly than any vehicle yet. I bought a 24 ft. RV Travel Trailer which required something stronger to pull it with. The ST will pull 5600 lbs. I'm 70 and wanted another sport car. (my '80 vette had a 9 lb turbo) And I wanted insulation from the road - QUIET. The ST gives me all three. For the last 6 months I've read & watched all the reviews, 1st drives, tech reports, recalls, and propaganda I could find. I began drooling.... I used the forum to get my VIN, Sticker, Status. (boy am I glad I only have to deal with those egomaniacs once every 3 years!) The new Ford order tracking site works pretty good and is fairly accurate. 2 Things needing fixin' - 1. The A/C works great - when it's on. It seems that after it's been on heat (AUTO) it takes a big delta to change to A/C. Nothing to see the dealer about until the software fix. 2. I love the Intelligent Adaptive Cruise. My car will drive me through town by itself - I just have to keep a hand on the wheel. But on the highway when I exceed the speed limit (they ARE just suggested speeds, right?), the damn Speed Limit icon starts flashing, and KEEPS FLASHING on and off until I get below the limit. Either have it time-out, of let me turn it off. (If there's a way, let me know please!) Contrary to most reviews I've see.n - Those big RED brakes do NOT grab, but if you push the pedal, you WILL feel them - very secure! In SPORT mode, it has only once down-shifted firmly when coming to a stop. All else is smooth. In urban neighborhoods I really miss the side lights that come on under 12 mph when you turn the wheel. Going to Vermont tomorrow to pick up my trailer. PJ
  8. PajamaGuy

    Window Sticker Lookup

    Many thanks - And I've got to hand it to you, the dude who gets the VIN's is as personable as a toad - and the RULES!! You, on the other hand perform a service that anyone who has NOT ordered their next baby would not understand. Even getting the WS when I didn't BUMP the request. i WISH i COULD BUY YOU A BEER! PJ
  9. PajamaGuy

    Window Sticker Lookup

    Well sir, my ST is supposed to be built next week. Can you see the sticker yet? 1FM5K8GC4LGA87195 And Ford has been building/selling over 300,000 Explorers per year. If they're using only the Chicago plant, that's over 31 units each hour or roughly 1 every 2 minutes. Is that correct? PJ
  10. PajamaGuy

    Window Sticker Lookup

    I have the order/VIN that the dealer gave to me. Shows a build WEEK of Sept 23rd. Thank-you for your service. PJ 1FM5K8GC4LGA87195
  11. PajamaGuy

    Window Sticker Lookup

    Let's try this again: Please: 1FM5K8GC4LGA87195 Thanks!
  12. PajamaGuy

    Window Sticker Lookup

    1FM5K8GC4LGA87195 Do they release Window Stickers on any schedule? Thanks!
  13. PajamaGuy

    Window Sticker Lookup

    Thanks for your help. I just got my VIN: 1FM5K8GC4LGA87195 When you'all have time, please.
  14. PajamaGuy

    Sport Mode A/V

    Thanks...………….rub it in...…………..