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  1. That's only for those older SYNC3 vehicles with V3.0 If the vehicle is newer and is running SYNC3 v3.4 there appears to be nothing newer then build 20136, unless the Ford Owners SYNC update page is lying to me again.
  2. That post is not an exaggeration at all. As the owner of a 2013 Explorer Limited and 2014 Explorer Sport with MFT your statement is inaccurate. MFT has not been very stable since 2013, it's been acceptable. That was only achieved by removing many features of MFT that were present or promised when it was introduced. Creating stability in a mobile software application by simply taking away features as opposed to correcting the base OS or re-writing the code is lazy, and unethical There are many MFT issues that were left unresolved for example; The double horn honk on passenger exit with fob inside vehicle being one of the major ones. The GPS module not tracking properly after firmware upgrades and hardware replacements. The Class Action Lawsuit on MFT highlighted many on going issues still unresolved. Applink never being available but marketed as such. SYNC3 was marketed as a vast improvement over MFT and one of the KEY IMPROVEMENTS was that Ford would no longer have to hold bug fixes until one or two big updates through the dealer or via owner USB. The WiFi auto updating was supposed to facilitate a continuous improvement in the software with many continuous small bug fixes seamless to the end user. The situation today where 2016 SYNC 3 owners are having to download unofficial updates off Internet Forums is ridiculous and another example of how not to execute a software release.
  3. Info from other Ford forums apparently many are ordering the Lincoln part number for the Focus USB. The difference is the the Lincoln USB has white backlight vs blue Ford USB backlight. Ford - HC3Z-19A387-B Lincoln - GJ7Z-19A387-B
  4. In speaking with the members of the Ford Police Advisory Board (PAB) the information I had was that the last police vehicles (CVPI) built would be on August 31st. The last one for Canadian Police was being delivered to OPP for their museum. The last one for US Police was being delivered to Kansas Highway Patrol for their museum. Both are members of the Ford PAB. Then after that, 2 weeks of building civilian version Crown Victoria's for customers in the United Arab Emerites. TopGun can you confirm? P.S. Also a special thanks to those employees at the St Thomas Plant for their hard work and commitment to Law Enforcement. I drive a 2011 CVPI 4 days a week and wouldn't have it any other way.
  5. Tuxedo Black Metallic.......until it got discontinued Sterling Grey Metallic now for 2012 Both look great with tinted windows and 20 inch polished wheels
  6. Your in the wrong Forum This is Explorers not WindStar.
  7. You can see them here http://www.ford.com/fordpoliceinterceptor/#/models/utility
  8. $500-$600 is for the OEM RETAIL headlight assembly, absolutely NO police lighting installed. So if an Agency decides they don't want Fords factory upfitting that is going to be done in a building next door to the Chicago Assembly Plant the they take the risk of paying for a replacement. The concern is drilling holes in the 2011 headlight assembly to install corner strobes/LED or any other type of lighting. These new headlight bodies have multiple layers, so drilling a 1" hole for the strobe/LED bulb is a little trickier then an older CVPI. If your installers are good, they drill perfectly, they vacuum all debris from the housing, they guarantee the seal is 100% waterproof, then you have no concerns too worry about.
  9. Just a comment on the CVPI, because I have driven one 44hrs a week for the past 23 years. Probably the best piece of equipment I have used on a daily basis, but getting long in the tooth and time to retire the legacy panther platform. I hope everyone understands it was the impending Federal roof crush standards that forced Ford to discontinue the CVPI not just a corporate decision. I have been involved in the new Interceptor (s) development and can tell you the GM Caprice and the Dodge Charger are nice but not even close to the two new Ford Interceptors. This isn't lip service this is from someone who has driven all 4 vehicles. Dodge build is legendary for poor quality, ask any agency that has bought some to test. Ask them what they think of them after a year in service. GM Caprice looks pretty but as a poster said above, its built in Australia, and they're not selling very many so the platform may not support itself. When asked about parts and service GM has very little information. Telling customers the floorshifter is something THEY will have to deal with is arrogance beyond belief in my opinion. The deal breaker for many is safety, only the Ford vehicles are 75MPH rear crash rated. The Ford Ride and Drives are changing a lot of opinions right now.
  10. Hey Pete There are some significant changes to the 2012 GMC Terrain so you may want to hold off on buying a 2011. The new Terrain has some very nice multi-media upgrades from 2011.
  11. I have to come clean.....the guy who tinted my windows suggested it as he offered to do it for free with his left over material........I never would have thought about it either..... but works like a hot dam!
  12. I used some left over 3M film type material from the front bra kit and it is almost invisible.
  13. Ford Police Advisory Board was told that they cant push it any further because of parts availability and the agreement with CAW. That said, originally it was August as the drop dead date and thats been pushed till mid September. The 2012 NHTSA Roof Crush Standards are whats driving this platforms death so Im not sure if there is a cut-off date for how long Ford can produce a vehicle that doesnt meet these standards.
  14. I took the front two wheels off today as it finally warmed up. The inside of the rims were really dirty probably from shipping since the vehicle is two months old. Cleaned them thoroughly and put on a coat of RejeX.......both the inside and the outside looks great. Next sunny day it's the back two wheels. Anyone know the torque spec for the wheel nuts?
  15. The Captains Chairs roll over and fold almost flush with the third row. The center console top opens up and flips forward to drop the console level matching the seats so the entire area behind the front seats is level. I suggest you sit in one with a console, my kids love the fact they have somewhere to put all their stuff especially on longer rides. Fits both DVD headsets, remotes, and a giant DVD collection. I was going to see if its water tight for use as an ice bucket but that might be pushing it.