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  1. Yes, these are mostly first year car issues. I'm not throwing Ford under the bus on this because first model years are always hard, it's rare for one to go really smoothly, especially for a car that's sold in the volume level of the Fusion. I will avoid first model years going forward though. I haven't had time to schedule an appointment yet with a dealer, I need to do that soon. I did have a very similar experience as JScullin a few days ago though. Same issue from 2nd to 3rd, except instead of hesitating it just did nothing, revs started to drop like I had taken my foot off the accelerator (in the middle of a turn). After almost 2 seconds it thudded back into gear and kept going but like I was barely giving it any gas. I let off for a few seconds and when I got back on the gas it went like normal.
  2. No trans whining, but I do have a coolant leak now.
  3. I don't have the room for two cars for myself (wife needs some room, I couldn't get away with kicking her out of the garage) so I need one car that it'll do it all. I'm planning on getting a 2008 BMW M5, but I'll have to sell the Fusion first. I'll end up getting some kind of cheap beater to drive until I find the right M5 as I don't want to rush into that purchase. But a 507hp V10 should do well enough to make my speed demon happy.
  4. Not trading for a '14, I'll likely be getting another car. I'll sell mine privately so I don't get screwed out of a few grand trying to trade it in. I'm using this as an excuse to get a much better/nicer/faster (though slightly older) car. I had always been told not to get a 1st model year car, but I figured that was an old saying. Looks like it still holds true. And FWIW I'm not just getting rid of the car because of the issues. It's just not fun enough to drive for me. I don't have a motorcycle anymore to get my speed fix and I thought the Fusion would be ok, but it's just not fun to drive hard.
  5. The issue is *almost* reproducible if I'm taking a hard left while it tries to shift from 2nd to 3rd. I have a traffic light that's near my house that if I'm first in line and take it at a decent speed (hard left) it will almost always hesitate and thunk into 3rd. It also looks like I'm losing coolant.... Went on a trip to SC and noticed before I left that the coolant was about an inch below "min". I filled it back up and I'm going to see if it drops again. If it does I've got to take it back to the dealer and see if they can check the trans issue again. Might be looking for a new car soon.
  6. I wonder if the cooler weather is going to impact these issues or not. It seemed like mine was worse when it was really hot out, maybe the trans has insufficient cooling for the summer months?
  7. http://www.blueovalforums.com/forums/index.php?/topic/54620-trans-issues/
  8. Mine is getting pretty bad as well. I even ran the heat on high last night (with the windows down, thankfully it was cool last night) with the AC off to try to clear the smell out. Started the car this morning (with the AC still off) and it's still there. I've only taken it to the dealer once for this issue and they did the same as Riggo, sprayed some "disinfectant" and said they didn't smell anything or see any mold. It's odd to me that this is a common issue. Both my 2001 Audi A4 and my wife's 2004 Corolla have never had this issue, and we never turn the AC off except in the winter. I remember my dad telling me to do the whole "turn the AC off a few minutes before you stop" on older cars, but I assumed this was an issue that had been sorted out with newer cars.
  9. Wow, they really engineered this car to make people take it to the dealer. That's the most complicated cabin air filter replacement I've ever seen. My Audi was simpler than that.
  10. From what I've seen and heard so far it seems to be limited to the 2.0L EB (I'm assuming it uses a different trans than the 1.6L EB). I have a friend that got a Ti shortly after I did, I need to ask him if he's had any problems.
  11. Jinx, no, the battery hasn't been disconnected ever as far as I'm aware. This didn't happen when the car was new, it started probably 2 months ago, so maybe ~9k miles? I have 11,000 on the car now. Mine is getting a little worse and starting to happen more often. I've never had a new car before so this is a bit disappointing to me. Also, completely unrelated, but I'm already noticing some small squeaks around the car and I'm getting the impression that the long term durability of this car may not end up being that great.
  12. I thought I'd go ahead and start a thread on this. My car has started shifting badly on the 2nd to 3rd gear shift. It's absolutely horrible when cold, it actually feels like the car hit something. When it's warm it does it sometimes but not always (and not as bad). I did take it into the dealership when it first started doing this but it wasn't consistent and they said they couldn't reproduce it. It is getting worse, so I'm going to wait a few more weeks and take it back so that they can't dismiss it this time. I wanted to see who else was having issues. I heard from a friend that he's talked to two people that have new Fusions with trans issues, one specifically mentioning the 2-3 shift. I've heard some people here mention the Park to Drive shudder, though I don't often get that (and when it does happen it's not bad). I'm not going to lie, this makes me seriously reconsider keeping the car.
  13. Well I have noticed absolutely no different in sluggishness loading screens. Most of the other changes weren't a big deal for me (minus being able to touch the entire quadrant on the home screen to get into a section) so I was really hoping the interface would have been snappier. Oh well, I guess I'll just hope the next update is better.
  14. Mine does that sometimes too. My guess is that depending on what your last settings were the AC may need to stop blowing for a second to switch those settings from whatever it was doing in auto mode during the remote start. Total guess though.
  15. Thanks! I got the update installed yesterday on the way home (it took a solid 30 minutes) and now haven't had a chance to drive it yet. I'll be looking forward to checking it out tomorrow though.
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