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  1. Coldones

    GT Tax Credit

    I emailed the website that posts the tax credit amounts above and received these replies: Ford contacted us a couple of weeks ago wanting to get the Lincoln Aviator Grand Touring PHEV listed on our website. We explained that it is the IRS who determines eligibility for the tax credit and sets the credit amount so we cannot list it until the IRS puts it on their website. The only way we could list it before the IRS does is if they can provide us with an official letter from the IRS stating the vehicles eligibility and amount. Ford sent us that letter for documentation so we posted it on our website. A few days later, Ford contacted us saying that there were questions regarding the credit amount and they requested that we temporarily remove the credit amount from our website and said that they requested that the IRS temporarily remove it as well. We have not heard back since and I see the IRS doesn’t list it yet either: https://www.irs.gov/businesses/irc-30d-new-qualified-plug-in-electric-drive-motor-vehicle-credit The IRS will list it under Ford Motor Company because the tax credits are by manufacturer. We break out the brands on our website to make them easier to find. I have sent an email to the person at Ford who contacted us to see if he can provide us with any additional information. I will let you know as soon as I hear back from him. This is really between Ford and the IRS and they are the only ones who can answer this question. We only relay information from the IRS and have no role in administering this tax credit. Sorry we can’t give you a better answer. Hopefully we will hear back from Ford soon. We just received the following response from our contact at Ford: “We’ve corrected our tax credit calculation, and the IRS received our revised paperwork on Thursday, 2/6. They are expediting their review process for us, so we expect to hear something back soon. Our expectation is that they will approve the revised credit amount, which is $6,534.” So, nothing is official until finalized and posted by the IRS. We will update our website with the final amount as soon as we can. I hope this helps.
  2. Coldones

    GT Tax Credit

    For some reason they updated the tax credit on the Aviator from $6,042 to 'TBD'.
  3. Coldones

    GT Tax Credit

    I wonder if Lincoln is planning to allow the tax credit to be used to offset the MSRP on leased Grand Touring models or they'll just pocket the money. It doesn't appear that the online payment estimator accounts for the tax credit in the lease calculation.