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  1. Little damper in my excitement for my order (25 days out) is that I find out my dealership didn't know what they were talking about today. - Blue Jeans Metallic (no sport appearance package) - Black Interior - Chrome Appearance Package That's all the color information I had from Ford.com or the Dealership when I ordered it, but I'm hearing from other owners they were upset too to find out that "black interior" actually means "black and grey interior." Grey headliner shows dirt really easily, especially with little kids putting their hands on the pillars and the ceiling (not to mention the occasional flick from a juice box straw). Does anyone know if I can interrupt the factory order and have them put on a black headliner? It's an available part through the dealership which I can have installed afterwards, but it's another $1k to do that, more if they have to remove the back window to get the old one out and the new one in. Even if they were willing to send a black headliner kit to my dealership in exchange for the grey one, I'd be extremely grateful, but I have this fantasy in my mind that the truck is still in production and someone can just push a button to make it so... /hopingpleaseohplease someone on this forum knows where to go. - Left a message for the Ford Social Team that has been providing build updates. - Left a message for the Ford Customer Care regional manager who was working with me to make sure my truck would be delivered to my dealer, despite their primary building burning down. Am I the only one who thinks Grey Headliners are a bad idea and that "black interior" should mean an all-black interior?
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    2015 F150 Paint cracking issue

    Thanks for backing me up, Intrepidatious
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    2015 F150 Paint cracking issue

    Speaking of fire, here's what the first 2015 F-150 I've seen burned in a dealership fire looks like Autonation Ford of Bellevue (WA state) on April 25th. Got woken up early in the morning by my wife, telling me to turn on the news. There was the dealership, on fire. Almost every F-150 they had was destroyed or rendered useless for sale in some way - the building is completely gone.
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    Bellevue, WA Ford Dealership Fire

    Possibly the first pictures of 2015 Ford F-150s destroyed in a dealership fire.
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    2015 F-150 Production On Schedule?

    Yes, I am staring at the tracking screen daily, wishing it had a video feed of the plant . That would be so cool! Took 20 days to go from order to "in-production," so I started to get more than a little antsy
  6. Have been hearing rumors from other owners, waiting on delivery for their trucks, that production seems to be unpredictable with trucks stuck in various stages of "in production" or "awaiting shipment" for weeks w/o any updates or explanation. This is my first time ordering a vehicle (dealerships in my area didn't have a single truck on their lots equipped with what we needed or even with 80%of the features so we could see them), so I'm admittedly not doing well in the patience department Thanks in advance for the insights.
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    LED Foglights

    Having a huge amount of broad spectrum light from the fog lights might defeat the purpose by reflecting and refracting through the cloud. Combining a few optic theories, wouldn't you want a red wavelength light that can better penetrate the fog w/o interfering with your night vision?